twenty one.

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"Who is that?" Jazz tapped me repeatedly. "Who is who?" I laughed as I looked up at her.

"Tay is with- chile." I cut her off. "She pretty though. Can't even lie." Nani shrugged. "Bitch stop- i'm just playing Nunu." She whined.

"But then it's like i'm not even mad." I shrugged.

"My man coming over." Jazz bit down on her lip. "I thought y'all weren't together?" Kay raised her eye brow making me agree.

"It's complicated." She smiled before walking over to Tee. He wrapped his arms around her and they shared a long ass kiss.

"Them bitches together." I pointed. "Wassup girl." Dre walked over to me. I dapped him up.

"You got some woods?" I asked. "You gone roll em?" He asked as he went in his pocket. "Duh nigga if I asked." I smacked my teeth.

"Aight now bitch." He laughed before giving them to me. I reached in my purse and pulled out the weed.

"I thought you and Tay was together?" Khalan asked.

"Bitch I feel like you tryna be funny and ion like that shit." I mugged him. "I wasn't. Shit I just asked." He laughed.

"Yeah okay nigga." I rolled my eyes before I opened the woods. "He walking over here." Nani said.

"Can y'all please stop telling me bout this nigga?" I laughed. "Man y'all so irking knowing you finna be at his house tonight." Jazz laughed.

"Fuck all you bitches." I flicked them off as Tay and the lil bitch started walking over. "Hey everybody." The girl smiled waving her hands.

I just sat there. I am not finna say hey to you baby. And I know she was tryna be funny too. I ain't finna pay her no mind though.

I'm not even gone lie though, Tay looked fine as hell. Fresh re twist, plus a hair cut, then he had on a Dickies outfit, chains on and all.

"The fuck he tryna show at for?" I mumbled. I heard my door open making me look over and seen Nani getting in. "I wish you would- bitch roll on yo own then." I laughed.

"Okay. Ima be patient." She sat back in the seat.

"I see bitches can't speak." I heard making me laugh.

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