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غير تام

"can y'all come with me to my boyfriend house?" kay asked

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"can y'all come with me to my boyfriend house?" kay asked. "you can't go by yourself?" jazz tilted her head.

"bitch his friends gone be there." she whined. "and what?" i laughed.

"can y'all- we'll go kay. you know both of them be in they moods." nani said.

"not this hoe speaking for us." jazz shook her head.

"how many niggas gone be there?" i asked as i stood up.

"i don't know." she shrugged. "yo ass getting fat." jazz smacked it making me stick my tongue out.

"i know right, don't play." i swiped my hand under my chin before walking out her house.

"i'll just follow you." i told kay.

"im riding with you. ion feel like driving." nani said. i put the thumbs up before i unlocked my doors and got in.

"you got a nigga?" nani asked as I pulled off. "why?" i raised my eye brow.

"just asking." she shrugged. "nah i ain't got one." i shook my head.

when we pulled up to the house i seen multiple cars. "im already knowin it's a bunch of niggas in here." i mumbled.

"for real." nani laughed. i got out my car and locked it.

"don't trip y'all, just chill." kay said. she banged on the door loud and fast as hell.

"stop doing that shit bra." some nigga came to the door as he dropped down his gun. "i don't feel comfortable eating here.." jazz looked around.

"come in though." he stepped to the side. "you ain't gone introduce us?" some nigga asked.

"we just got innis bitch, give her some time." i said to which kay laughed.

"these are my best bitches nunn, jazz, and nani." kay pointed at all of us.

"now introduce us to these hoodlums." jazz smiled.

"this Khalan; my nigga, tee, dre, izaak, and tay." kay said.

i nodded and sat down. "how old y'all is?" dre asked.

"old enough." i said still looking at me phone.

"you had a attitude ever since you came in here. you want something to eat?" tee asked me. "sure." i looked up.

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