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Pulling up at my daddy house I parked and got out my car. I was been suppose to meet his girlfriend but I was doing shit so I couldn't.

Banging on the door until he came he finally opened it. "Don't do that shit Numani." He pointed.

"Yo finger smell like shit." I smacked it down laughing. "I'm playing don't do too much." I said. We walked all the way in and I seen a lady on the couch.

We have to wait until she turn around though. She might be ugly as hell.

"Ava." He called out. She turned around and she was pretty. I see my dad got taste cause my momma pretty as hell too.

"Hi. I heard a lot about you." She smiled making me side eye my dad. "I hope all good things." I chuckled.

"Of course." She nodded. "I'll let y'all do- boy no. You can stay right here." She said.

"You got kids?" I asked. "Yes, three. One girl and two boys." She said making me nod. "I mean ion really know what the fuck to ask." I mumbled.

"Said come meet her anyway."

"Wait, what you do?" I asked. "I'm a lawyer." She said making me nod. "Well I have to be somewhere. It was nice meeting you." I told her.

"Same to you." She smiled. "Lemme walk you out." My dad said. I went to the door then opened it and walked out.

"Where you finna go?" He asked. "My momma house." I said.

"Tell yo momma I said fuck her." He laughed. I nodded. "What you think about her?" He pointed.

"I mean, she cool. You met her kids yet?" I raised my eye brow. "Yeah."

"How are they? Be for real." I said. "They cool. Got some attitudes but ion really give a fuck." He shrugged making me laugh.

"I know that's right." I said. "I love you and drive safe." He told me. "Love you too." I put my car in park then drove off.

I looked down at my phone seeing Rico calling me. I answered it and put it to my ear. "Wassup?" I asked as I was leaving out the neighborhood.

"What you on?" He asked. "Nothing but what you tryna do?" I raised my eye brow.

"You free?"

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