twenty eight.

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Today was my baby shower/ gender reveal. I wanted to do both of them together cause I was tired.

Get tired very easily and that shit pisses me the fuck off. After I have my baby i'm definitely doing what the fuck I wanna do so it's not going to matter.

"Numani, you ready?" I heard Tay asked. "Don't fucking rush me. Do it look like i'm ready?" I mugged him.

"Bruh, that's the first question I asked yo fat ass all day." He laughed. "Shut the fuck up, bitch." I yelled as I threw a shoe at him.

"You look good though."

"I know that, boyfriend already told me." I shrugged grabbing my phone. He started laughing.

"Think shit funny, i'm dead ass. He coming to the baby shower." I smiled.

"Yo fault when he end up dead at yo shit." He shrugged this time walking out. I took a deep breath before holding my stomach.

Walking out my room slowly I walked to the door.

"Come on man I need to stop somewhere."

"Zyair please shut the fuck up." I rolled my eyes.

"You're not about to stop nowhere while we're on the way to see what my baby is." I said. "I was just chatting." He spoke.

"Mhm." I mumbled as I closed my eyes.

"Wake up Rhamiyah." I heard Tay say. I was getting shook. "Okay i'm up." I said opening my eyes. We were here at the building.

The decorations outside were so pretty.

Tay came over to my door and helped me out.

"Ass look like it got fatter." Tay said. "And say some bout another nigga and watch what I do." He continued making me laugh.

"We late fucking with you." I pointed at him. He ain't say nothing, we just continued walking.

He grabbed the door and as soon as I walked in music started playing and they started screaming.

I immediately started smiling.

"Baby mama look so pretty." Jazz said waddling over. "It look like you finna pop." I coo'd rubbing her stomach.

"I am. Due any moment now."

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