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"Why are you still here Taymari?" I raised my eye brow. "I ain't tryna be onnat right now." He wrapped his arms around me.

"You must've forgot that I beat yo ass yesterday?" I laughed. "You ain't best shit. If anything I beat yo ass."

"Boy please." I got out his grip then went to lay in my bed. Looking up I seen him coming in.

"Why you ain't at yo girlfriend house?" I asked. "I am." He said before his phone started ringing. I looked back down at my phone and continued to post on instagram.

"Yeah i'm on my way." I heard him say. "Come on. You coming with me." He put his phone back in his pocket making me jerk my head back.

"Ion want to." I said. "Ima buy you some shit. Whatever you want." He pulled me out the bed. I looked at him out the corner of my eye then slipped my bubble slides on.

"Where we going?" I asked. "My mama getting outta prison."

"So why the fuck am I going?" I scrunched my face up. "Cause Rhamiyah, damn." He opened my door then walked out.

"Don't be saying my middle name Zyair." I rolled my eyes getting in the car. "Lemme see yo phone." so held my hand out.

"Don't look through them messages- boy fuck you and nem messages." I cut him off. "You said anything I want to so that's what's finna happen." I shrugged.

I heard him smack his teeth but I ain't really give a fuck. I was finna order a ass load of shit then send me some money too.

"How long yo mama been in jail for?" I asked. "Like nine years."

"Damn." I looked back down at his phone and continued shopping. "Don't be ordering allat shit bruh."

"You said- well ion give a fuck what you said cause ima do what the fuck I wanna do." I laughed.

But yeah me and Tay did fight. We was in his car. I know, I know. How ghetto of us lolz.

And I don't even know how I feel meeting his mama and shit. First of all we not together, you take your girlfriend to meet your mother and i'm not that.

Throwing his phone back in his lap I got on mines. I took a quick little video of myself before looking at it.

Then I started recording again, "Y'all we is not together." I laughed putting the camera on Tay.

"She right." He stared into the camera and before you knew it he had me in a headlock. "Oh my fucking God." I yelled.

"We ain't together?" He asked whispering in my ear.

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