twenty seven.

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Looking down at my phone I seen a message pop up.

It read, I heard you was pregnant by Tay but you just not knowing he be fucking me every night. Wanted to let you know girly.

I rolled my eyes and continued doing what I was doing. Tay was on his way over here cause we already had to discuss some things.

Hearing my door open I smacked my teeth.

"Next time you walk in my shit unannounced ima smack the fuck outta you." I pointed at him before I grabbed my food.

I was gone bring up what the bitch texted me after we talked bout this lil demon that's inside of me.

"When you wanna do the baby shower?" He asked.

"As soon as possible cause I needa get back outside." I smiled opening my box. "Rhamiyah stop playing wit me." He spoke.

"Shut up Zyair." I rolled my eyes. "But yeah. Yo mama, shit my mama, I don't care who plan it cause I know they're gonna want to." I said.

"But aye though I want you to stay wit- no." I cut him off, dipping my wing in the ranch.

"Yeen een let me finish my fucking sentence girl." He mugged me. "I already know what you bout to say." I said.

"You want me to stay with you when my baby get here." I continued. "I don't wanna do that. All types of bitches done been in there." I shook my head.

"See you be onnat bull- no nigga you be onnat bullshit. Why the fuck a bitch text my phone?" I cut him off getting in his face.

"Bruh Numani." He pushed me back a little.

"No it's not no Bruh Numani. She talking bout some damn I heard you pregnant by Tay n shit. He fucking me every night."

He shook his head.

"Don't start shaking yo head now." I laughed. "This exactly why I don't wanna fuck with you." I said.

"I do not be fucking that girl every night." He spoke.

I smacked him.

"Man I keep letting yo little ass slide." He pointed at me. I shrugged.

"You think somebody playing with you?" He asked as he grabbed my face. Tight too.

"Stop." I tried to move his hands off me. "Nah you got me fucked up." He got in my face.

"Man please. Go talk to yo ho like that." I moved him off him. "Tell your mama bout the gender reveal and shit then i'll tell mines." I told him.

"You can leave now." I told him.

"Got me fucked up." He said once again before he went and sat on my couch. After I finished my food I got up and started washing my hands.

Feeling somebody come behind me I smacked my teeth.

"Tay- you know you want it." He said in my ear before he started sucking on my neck. I let a low moan before I placed my hands on the counter.

He turned me around and picked me up. Walking in my room he layed me on my bed and started taking off my clothes.

Tay grabbed my thighs and put his face between them. Attaching his mouth on my clit my mouth fell wide open.

"Shit, Tay." I moaned holding onto his head. I looked down at him seeing he was already looking at me.

Eye contact something serious.

I threw my head back as my toes curled. I felt him stick his tongue deep into my pussy.

I had just got out the shower and had put on my clothes but I was now standing in the mirror.

"Where you finna go?" Tay asked as he put on his shoes. "We can't do this." I ignored his question and said that.

"Do what bruh?" He smacked his teeth. "We not together so that- what other nigga you fucking on?" He cut me off.

"I'm not even that type of bitch so try again." I mugged him before I walked out my bathroom.

"Aight Numani ian finna stress over yo dumb ass." He shook his head, standing up grabbing his gun.

"You acting like i'm telling yo punk ass too." I laughed. "Get out my shit so I can go." I said. I walked to my door and opened it.

"Let me find out you fucking with another nigga and ima kill him." He spoke before he pecked my lips. I rolled my eyes and locked my door.

"You don't get to do that. Only my man." I said.

"Mhm." He laughed. Tay kissed my stomach before he stood back up.

I punched him in his stomach. "Bruh what is you on?" He said as he grabbed my hand. I snatched away from him then smacked him.

"Think I forgot. Still don't fuck with you." I said before I punched him in his chest.

got in his car. Getting in mines I put my purse in the passenger seat.

Pulling out my drive way I picked up my phone.

I started to call my mama.

"Ma I just did something bad." I frowned. "Girl it can't be that bad. Don't start playing on my phone."

"I messed with him again."

i know this a short chapter but the next one will be longer, promise.

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