twenty five.

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It was about a month and a half later. I felt so good. Been away from everybody and everything.

Today of course I was going to be telling the people that I haven't told that i'm pregnant. Literally nobody knows except the people I told already.

Of course I be taking lil pictures and videos but they just stay in my phone. I probably won't never post them until I pop out pregnant.

Pulling up at Kay's house I got out my car. Going to the door I knocked multiple times.

Oh and by the way I just got back from getting my hair done too. Somebody came to the door and when I looked up it was Kay.

"My favorite person ever." Kay smiled pulling me into a hug. I smiled and hugged her back before fully stepping in her house.

"Yo man's in there." She whispered making me roll my eyes. I followed after her into her living room.

"Hey y'all." I smiled waving at everybody.

"Where you been at bitch?" Jazz asked as she waddled over to me. She was so big it didn't make no sense.

"Out and about." I smiled.

"Don't ever disappear like that again." Nani said. I looked at Khalan and Izaak and waved. I mugged Zay then turned to look at my girls.

"So how y'all be doing?" I asked. "You asking us this like you been gone for a year." Kay laughed.

"It feel like it." I mumbled as I took off my jacket. You know my lil baby bump was under here lol. When my jacket was fully off I leaned back.

"Oh shit, you pregnant?" Izaak yelled making me laugh. "This why yo ass went missing." Kay yelled as she jumped up.

"Maybe, maybe not." I shrugged. "Awww my baby is having a baby." Nani came over to me and hugged me.

"Chile please, you're my baby." I pointed at her.

"Damn dawg congratulations though." Khalan said.

"Thanks." I spoke. "We pregnant together." Jazz came over to me and put her hand above my belly then started rubbing it.

"Numani let me talk to you." Tay stood up. I smacked my teeth but followed after him. I knew it I didn't follow him he was gone grab me.

"What?" I asked as we got in a room.

"The baby not mines." He handed me a paper. I took it then threw it right back in his face. "I really don't give a fuck." I crossed my arms.

"You finna piss me off Rhamiyah." He spoke. "I don't care. Anyways I have an appointment tomorrow at ten." I said.

"Why you acting like that?" He asked as he grabbed my face. "I'm not acting like nothing." I shrugged.

"So stop asking me that." I rolled my eyes as he started touching all over my stomach.

"Why the hell they wanna kick when yo thot, community dick having ass wanna touch." I whined.

"Bruh stop calling me all that shit."

The baby kept kicking.

"Aye bruh." Somebody bussed in the room. It was Izaak.

"12 out there." He pointed.

"Fuck." Tay cursed. "Here." He handed me his gun making me scrunch up my face. "Fuck am I suppose to do with this?" I asked.

"Just keep it with you." He said. "I love you ma." He kissed me then left out the room. I rubbed my hands down my face before I did the same.

I put the gun in my purse.

"Police! Open up!"

"Open the door. This yo shit." Izaak pointing at Kay making me laugh a little. She flicked him off before going to the door.

"What can I help y'all with?" She asked.

"Is Taymari Taylor here?" They asked. "Why y'all asking?" Kay asked them.

"There he is right there." One of them pointed at Tay. One of them walked in the house and grabbed him putting him in handcuffs.

They read him the rights and all. And just walk straight out the house.

"This that shit I be talking bout." I rolled my eyes grabbing my stuff. "You finna go down there?" Khalan asked making me shake my head.

"No, fuck."

"But tell me did he kill anybody while I was gone?" I asked. They all looked around.

"All I needed to know." I shrugged before grabbing the door. "He kilt the nigga for you though." Khalan said.

I turned around. "Nigga was talking crazy bout you." He shrugged. I nodded and got in my car.

"I'll see you bitches later, i'm outside tonight." I pointed at the girls. They put their thumbs up before I pulled off.

Couldn't believe- well I could believe it. He's a hood nigga. But it's like i'm pregnant.


Fast forward it's late and we at the club now. Told y'all I was outside, ion care what nan ho specially a nigga talkin bout.

This pregnant bitch finna live her life. Of course I wasn't drinking or doing none of that but I was still having fun.

I'm making sure of that shit. Specially when Tay been getting on my nerves. Nigga was literally low key blowing my phone up when I was gone.

"What you thinking bout?" Nani snapped me out of my thoughts. "Not shit." I laughed.

"Can't believe yo pregnant ass really in here with us." Kay said. "Jazz can't for real though. Bitch can barely stand for a second before getting tired." Nani shook her head making me laugh.

"Yeah I ain't like that yet." I said.

"I'm F R E E fuck nigga free." I yelled rapping along to the song. "That mean I ain't gotta worry bout no fuck nigga cheating."

I bent over a little bit and started twerking. Yeah I still had it.

"My bitch." Kay dapped me.

"We going to waffle house after this too." Nani said to which I nodded. "Y'all bitches drunk." I shook my head.

"Yup! Sucks to be you." Kay stuck her tongue out at me making me flick her off.

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