twenty two.

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"You looking real cute today but what are we in the same room for?" My mama asked pointing at my daddy.

"I have to tell y'all something." I chuckled. "Well I wish you would spit that shit out." My dad said making me flick him off.

"Here." I handed both of them bags. It was shit lil shit with my ultra sound pictures and some more other shit to let them know they was gone be some grandparents.

I pulled out my phone and started recording them.

"Man. The fuck?" My dad looked up at me as I was recording. "Just open it da." I laughed.

Both of them opened it and had confused faces but kept going.

"You making me a grandma?" My mama screamed.

"I wish you would shut the hell up." My dad mugged her before sitting the bag down. He came over and hugged me making me hug him back.

He then pushed me a little bit.

"I'm so happy for you baby." My mama came over and hugged me next. I looked at her and seen she had tears in her eyes.

"Always gotta be extra." I heard my daddy say making me laugh. "Call the lil boy who got my daughter pregnant." She pointed at my phone.

"He busy." I shrugged. "I don't give a da- wait is it the same boy who was on yo lock screen?" She cut her self off making me nod.

"Yeah call him over here." My mama nodded too.

"Somebody needed to sit to ass down. So you can stop doing all that fighting and shit." My dad shook his head grabbing a blunt out his pocket.

"That's not funny though. Who the hell traps a girl?" I scrunched my fave up. "Yo father did the same to me." My mama started patting my back and shit.

"I really don't feel like calling him though." I mumbled before going to my contacts. I clicked his and waited for him to answer.

"Lemme see this." My mama snatched it out my hand. "Too friendly. That's why I had to cut her off." My daddy tapped me making me laugh.

"Boy please. I cut you off." She rolled her eyes then Tay answered the phone. "Hey son." My mama smiled making me smack my teeth.

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