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"Get dressed." I told Numani as we talked over the phone. "No cause i'm with my brother." She said.

"Aight. Get him dressed too then." I said as I rolled a wood. "Yo bitch ass ain't even say where we going." She smacked her teeth.

"My mama- why you want me to meet yo mama? I ain't yo bitch." She laughed. "Yes you is bruh. Get dressed, i'm on my way." After I said that I hung up on her.

I grabbed my keys and walked out my house. Walking to my car I unlocked my door and got in.

When I got to her house I got out my car and went to her door. I grabbed the key and unlocked her door.

"Mani! It's a nigga coming in here." A lil nigga yelled. I laughed and turned my head seeing Numani coming bout her room.

"You be onnat crazy shit." She pointed at me tn rn turned around. "Who is this?" The lil boy asked.

"I'm her boy- Mani got a boyfriend?" He cut me off screaming. "You so fucking aggravating." She rolled her eyes.

I followed after her into her room then the bathroom.

"Who you been fucking?" I asked as I started rubbing her ass. "Ion know." She shrugged.

"It's getting fat ainnit?" She turned around and started shaking her ass. "Yeah it is. When you gone lemme get some pussy?" I asked.

I put my face in her neck as I held eye contact with her through the mirror. "Ion know. Maybe when you act right." She shrugged.

"Why you want me to meet yo family?" She asked.

I was about to respond before her phone started ringing. She answered it and I sat on top her counter.

"Girl how about LJ got five kids onna way?" Kay screamed. "You lying like a bitch bruh." Numani spoke.

"Nope! He posted on FaceBook talkin bout a nigga really got five kids onna way, this shit crazy."

"It's no way that he can't be burning."

"Then one of them was on live talking bout it. The one who just got hit of a relationship with."

"Mannn." I shook my head as I got off the counter and walked in the living room.

"Are you really Mani's boyfriend?" The lil boy asked.

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