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غير تام

"what you and tay got going on?" nani asked to which i twisted my lips to the side

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"what you and tay got going on?" nani asked to which i twisted my lips to the side.

"ion got shit going on with that nigga." i said. "is that so?" she raised her eye brow.

"that is. why you think we got something going on?" i asked.

"maybe cause every time y'all see each other y'all start arguing." she shrugged.

"yeah, we dont. at least not now." i laughed. "but, where jazz at? you know?" i asked.

"you know her and tee got some going on now." she laughed.

"ask her where she at." i said. she nodded as i went to the bathroom. i grabbed my watch and chain then put it on.

"she said she at the courts with kay and the rest of them. you tryna go?" she yelled.

"yeah." i replied.

i grabbed my air forces and put them on before going back out to the living room.

"ima drive my car." i said. "and ima drive mines. i might have a dick appointment when i leave this bitch." she spoke, sticking her tongue out.

we walked out my house and i made sure to the lock the door. when we got to our cars we both got in and pulled off.

the song Leaked by Lil Baby started to play.

"she in ha feelings because we ain't speaking but she don't een call a nigga." i rapped.

once we got to the courts i grabbed my things and got out. i called Jazz and waited for her to answer.

"which one y'all at?" i asked. "the one all the way inna back." she said. "damn for what?" i smacked my teeth.

"shut up ho, you need the excersize." she said.

"nah, but i don't know chile." when she said that i hung up. nani came beside me and we walked all the way to the back.

"hey thots." nani laughed waving.

"hey bitch." kay smiled coming up to hug us. i sat down and put my purse on my lap.

"this sun is out like a mothafucka." i said. "wassup, you can't speak?" dre asked, mushing my head.

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