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"tiara jayde taylor."

"nobody bet not say this baby look like somebody either." izaak spoke. "motherfucker look like a lil alien." he continued.

"aight na." i chuckled.

"here." khalan passed me a box. "he was gone give that to you." he said.

opening it i seen it was an gold bracelet with her name on it. "this is so pretty." i mumbled taking it out.

"when can i leave?" i asked looking at my mama.

"maybe tomorrow, she's healthy but you need to get you some sleep." she told me.

"wait i wanna go and see him." i told them. "somebody take me, i'm not asking i'm telling." i said.

"aye though they say he inna coma."

"shit so fucking stupid." i shook my head. i was still sore but i was about to get up anyway.

going in the room i seen him layed in the bed, connected to all them monitors. "wait so what happen again?" i asked.

"you know mya right?" khalan asked to which i nodded. "that dumb ass ho ran her mouth." he said.

"we was already gon get in what we was doing but then they was on some other shit."

"yeah i don't even wanna be here anymore." i shook my head walking out the room.

"that was your ain't shit ass daddy in there." i whispered as i went back in my room.

"i wanna leave now, dad can you tell them i wanna leave now? you know what i mean." i smiled. "i got you baby girl." he laughed then left out.

"the fact that you're allowing him to threaten them is crazy." nani shook her head.

"you're going back to my house or your own?" my momma asked making me point at her.

"here, who wants to hold her for a couple of minutes?" i asked.

"me." izaak said. "don't drop my baby either bitch." i mugged him before going in the bathroom.

changing out of that gown i put on my clothes. i really can't believe i just delivered a whole human being like what?

looking at myself in the mirror i took a breather before leaving back out. i was literally still so sore, i know i said this already but shit.

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