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"Like what the fuck? It's Nia." I laughed as I was recording myself on instagram. "She's not going to do shit to nobody."

"Bitch talk all day on instagram." I looked at the camera then back at the road. "If you wanna fight for real then pull the fuck up bitch and I know you're not going to do that." I chuckled.

"You prolly gone have that stanking ass cousin fight for you bitch! Fight for yo damn self." I rolled my eyes.

"Every time I tried to fight this bitch it's "Asia can you fight her for me please?" Come on now bitch. You're weak as fuck." I mugged.

"Come on now Nia. You not on shit." I shook my head. You never on shit but dick."

"And then you're always mad about a nigga. Bitch! Fuck these niggas. It's so many niggas out her ho go get a new one."

"You mad about a nigga! You done tried to talk to every nigga I did. I'm tired of you, you never wanna fight." I yelled and started laughing.

"Why the fuck do keep doing all this instagram shit bitch you're not gonna fight and you know you not."

"You pussy as fuck bitch. On yo daddy life bitch!"

"Ion een know why i'm going back and forth with this ho." I laughed. I ended the video and posted it.

Pulling up at the house I texted them I was outside. Couple minutes later my li cousins walked outside.

They texted me saying they wanted to go to the movies so I was gone take them.

"Hey bitch." Khia smiled getting in the front seat while Niyah and Coco got in the back.

"Wassup li bitches." I said.

"Okay i'm just going to get straight to it. Why are you and this girl still going at it?" Coco asked. I laughed.

"You seen my story huh?" I asked. "Yup. This is crazy." She shook her head. "It's that stupid ass bitch." I shrugged pulling off.

I looked down at my phone seeing this boy was calling me. "Nigga bet not start yelling." I mumbled.

I answered it. "Where you going?" He asked. "Why?" I scrunched my face up. "Damn a nigga can't know what you doing?" He chuckled.

"I mean.." I trailed off. "I'm going to the movies though. My cousins wanted to go." I said. For some reason all three of the girls started laughing.

"What them bitches inna background laughing for?" He asked making all of us start laugh. "Stop! That's my li cousins." I said.

"Oh my bad." He chuckled. "Why you ain't ask me if I wanted to go see the movie?" He asked.

"They wanted to go so we gone go." I smacked my teeth. "Oh, aight. Can I pull up on you later?" He asked.

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