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"Y'all bitches toxic as hell." Nani laughed. "Both of y'all broke each other phones and y'all laid up on each other." Dre shook his head.

I laughed and looked at Tay seeing he was sleep. I was laying on him and we at Izaak's house.

"If anything Khalan and Kay toxic too." I said. "Nia on live again." Jazz spoke coming in the room.

"Send it to me." I said. She did and I clicked it. I was just going to beat the bitch ass then let this shit be over with.

"She onna live y'all." Mya laughed. I requested to be in it. "Man I hope y'all fight. Y'all just be getting on live and shit." Tee said making me smack my teeth.

"Do you wanna fight Jania?" I asked. Yup, calling her by her first name.

"Yeah Numani. You know what's up with me baby." She shrugged.

"Finna pull up to your shit right now." I said then got off the live. I removed Tay's hands from me and stood up.

"Where y'all finna go?" Tay asked. "To see some bitches fight." Dre smiled.

"You really finna- yes Taymari. I don't give a fuck about what you're about to say." I cut him off walking out the house.

I got in my car and Kay, Nani, and Jazz did too. I looked at the door seeing Tay coming out the house. I knew where the bitch lived at cause she still stayed with her mammy.

I put on some music then leaned back. "The people wanna know. Why are you and Tay so toxic?" Jazz put her phone up to my mouth.

"Bitch yeen recording shit." I laughed.

When I pulled up I called her on instagram and she didn't answer. I called her again and guess what, she didn't answer.

"Somebody call this bitch." I said. "I'm fin too." Nani went on her phone. I rolled my eyes and put my hands over my face.

"She ain't answering." Nani said. I got out the car and went to the door. I knocked and nobody came.

"Stupid scary ass bitch." I mumbled. I went back to sit in my car and looked around. "That's how you know this bitch just be doing shit for the media." I rolled my eyes.

We literally waited for ten minutes and the bitch ain't come outside so we went back to Izaak's house.

"You Scary, stupid, dirty, ugly face ass bitch." I spoke. "Bitch got on live talking bout you know what i'm bout." I shook my head.

"Man chill out." Tay said making me put my fist up at him.

"Man these pussy ass bitches." Dre put the camera on me. I seen he was on live making me grab his phone.

"I ain't say do allat now." He laughed. I went through his views and seen Nia and her brother watching the live.

"Bitch said pull up and I did the same day. Sat there for ten minutes." I said as I mugged the camera. I grabbed my phone and went to photos to show the proof.

girl yo momma wanted to put you out stop it

"Bitch and now you really tryna show out." I laughed. "Everybody knows I ain't never had to live off nobody." I pointed my finger in the camera.

"You stupid ugly ass bitch. You still get your phone took and you're twenty." I shook my head. "But I swear when I catch you i'm going to beat the fuck outta you."

"And that's on your life." I said. "Cause bitch you can't go band for band with me." I shook my head.

"Ion een know why i'm going back and forth with you. You broke ass bitch." I have Dre his phone back.

"Well y'all heard it from the realest bitch ever. That's it's folks." He laughed. I shook my head and patted it too since it was itching.

"Bitch just pissed me off." I rolled my eyes. "We gone get em." Nani said.

"It's okay, it's okay." Tee laughed. "It's not though when the bitch got on live like she was actually doing something."

"Bitch you're not like that for real and ion know why she was tryna cap." I said.

"You comin with me?" Tay asked coming in the room. I nodded and stood up. "I'll see y'all." I hugged all the girls.

"Text me. I gotta talk to you about something." Kay said making me nod. I walked out the house and got in Tay's car.

"Where we finna go?" I asked. "My crib. You hungry?" He asked looking over at me. I shook my head.

"I'm tryna go to sleep. I'm sleep as fuck." I said. "I bet. Been tryna fight a bitch the whole day." He said.

"Not too much." I pointed at him.

Once we got to his house we both went in. I looked through his drawers for something to wear. "Damn, help yo self then." He laughed coming in.

"Yeah i'm doing that." I picked up his boxers and a T-Shirt. I went in his bathroom and turned on the shower.

"You gotta durag or something?" I asked. "You left yo scarf here the last time and I think you thought you was doing something." He smacked his teeth.

"Maybe, maybe not." I shrugged picking it up. I wrapped my hair up then get out my clothes.

When I got out the shower I seen he was on the game. "Man change. I don't seen allat shit before." He said.

"Mind yo business." I pointed at him. I changed and I got in his bed. "When you getting off that bitch? I ain't tryna hear that all night." I said.

"Ion know. When I feel like it." He looked back at me making me flick him off.

"Wait. Have you had bitches in this bed?" I pointed.

"Here you go." He smacked his teeth. "Yeah here I go bitch." I rolled my eyes.

"Why you wanna argue every time we see each other?" He looked back at me. I just sat there, still looking at my phone.

"Stupid ass." I heard him say.

"Bitch you stupid too. So I don't know what the fuck you tryna get at." I said.

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