twenty three.

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We been at the hospital for a couple hours and they said they were still performing surgery. Dre mama nem was here too though.

"You coming home with me?" Tay asked. "I wasn't planning on- you coming." He cut me off making me roll my eyes.

"You so irking." I said. "You ever feed my baby?" He asked. I shook my head. "I was following after yo ass. You was driving like a fucking crazy person."

"Come on though." He stood up and pulled up his pants just for them to fall back down. "We finna go get something to eat i'll bring y'all something back."

"Hold up come here." Dre mama waved him over. While he was talking to her I picked up his phone.

I took a few pictures of myself before I went to his messages because I wanted to send them to myself.

I jerked my head back once I seen a message. The number wasn't saved but it read "i'm pregnant and the baby is yours."

Clicking the message but not fully opening it I seen it was pictures of ultra sounds and pregnancy tests. I set his phone down and stood up.

I didn't say nothing to nobody, just simply walked out. Before I could get in my car I felt somebody touch my arm.

"Don't fucking touch me." I pointed at Tay. I already knew it was him. "Man what the problem is?" He asked pulling up his pants.

"Go worry bout yo baby mama. Not me." I said.

"Fuck is you talking bout?" He scrunched his face up. "Go look at your phone then." I shifted all my weight on one leg.

"Bruh." He shook his head pulling his phone out his pocket. I stood there looking directly at his face to see his reaction.

He put his phone back in his pocket and rubbed his hands down his face. "All I needed to know." I chuckled.

"You really finna leave me right now?"

"No Tay don't try to do that." I pointed my finger in his face. "Don't try to flip this on me. Don't call nor text my phone." I said before I got in my car.

I pulled out the parking lot and drove off.

Why am I mad? I kept repeating to myself. We aren't together so what now? I just couldn't believe it. I'm having a baby by a nigga that already got another girl pregnant.

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