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"Wassup mama." I said as I hugged her. "Hey li boy."

Before I could say anything she said. "How you get that scratch on yo face?" She grabbed my face.

I laughed. "This girl i'm fucking wit."

Numani stupid ass did this shit cause she was mad about something she won't tell me. It was probably nothing though, just wanted to start some shit.

"Why she do that?" She asked making me shrug.

"She just be doing shit but- you still mess with her?" My mama raised her eye brow.

"Yeah I mean I can't leave her alone." I laughed. "Oh so you a toxic lil muhfucka." She shook her head.

"Nah. Ion wanna say i'm toxic." I said. "How my mama been?"

"She been straight. I been going to see her like I always do." I told her.

"That's good and i'm suppose to be getting out in a few days." She smiled. "Fasho?" I returned the smile, grabbing her hand.

"Yeah. When I get out I already have something set up for myself." She told me. "Whatever you need. I got you." I said.

"I love you son." She stood up making me do the same.

"Ima see you later ma. I love you too." I broke away from the hug. I walked out and went to my car.

When I got in I picked up my phone and went on instagram. Just looking through people stories and shit.

When I pulled up to Numani house I got out my car and banged on the door. I had a key but she ain't know that.

"Stop banging on my shit like that." She opened the door mugging me. I chuckled and stepped in.

"Didn't nobody tell yo bum bitch ass to come in my shit." She rolled her eyes. "Why you always- tryna argue?" Numani cut me off finishing my sentence.

"You say that every time when I don't wanna feed into your bullshit." She laughed.

"You gone meet my mama when she get out." I said.

"No." She mugged me once again. "Man I wasn't asking you. I was telling you." I laughed.

"The fuck? You aggravating ass bitch."

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