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"If this bitch keep posting him im going to pull up and smack the fuck outta her." I said. "What happen?" She asked.

"The Maya bitch." I rolled my eyes.

"And me and Tay not even on fucking talking terms so.." I shrugged. "Even after y'all fucked?" Kay raised her eye brow.

"Yes! Nigga got mad cause a nigga texted my phone. He punched the fuck outta me. Straight in my chest." I wiped my fake tears.

"I actually started crying too." I said. "Shit I would be too. If he put his hit you again i'm gone beat him up for you." Nari put her thumbs up.

"That dick was so good and we not even talking no
more." I shook my head. "But ion give a fuck." I shrugged.

"You trying to convince yourself that or you really don't?" Jazz asked. "Maybe both." I said.

"But nah for real. I don't care."

I looked down at my phone seeing my cousin was calling me. I answered it and put it on speaker, "What bitch?" I asked.

"You still beefing with Nia?"

"No. Been stop worrying bout that bitch." I rolled my eyes. "Just asking cause the bitch back putting up posts and shit." He said.

"Pull up on us. We at my house." I told him. "I'm on my way whores." He hung up.

"I hate bitches like for real." I mumbled before going live. "Bitch you the news. You go live everyday." Nani said.

"Yeah cause I be bored as shit. Y'all hoes don't be talking bout shit." I laughed.

we onna way over there

"No don't come over here. I don't feel like hearing nunna you bitches moufs." I said. "Who said they was coming over here?" Kay asked.

"Dre nem."

"Do y'all know Khalan ass called himself trying to check me about what we did." She rolled her eyes making me laugh.

y'all not een gone know we outside

"Get off my live bitch and what the hell are y'all talking about?" I squinted my eyes reading the rest of the comments.

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