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"Why was you inna nother nigga live?" Taymari asked me. "Why was you watching another nigga live?" I tilted my head.

"I don't gotta explain shit to you anyway." I shrugged. He punched me in my leg making me scream.

"Why you keep doing that?" I frowned rubbing the spot. "Why was you- I don't know." I cut him off.

"I told him- fuck you with the nigga for anyway?" He cut me off this time. "I was with Kay." I said.

"Ima punch you in yo chest the next time you with another one." He punched me once again in my leg.

"Stop doing that shit." I punched him in his stomach. His hits actually hurt and two back to back weren't it at all.

He grabbed my neck choking me. "You're abusive." I said as I looked away from him.

"Stop acting fucking stupid." He turned my fave towards his so I could look him in his eyes.

"Why you holding my face so tight?" I asked. "To make sure yo stupid ass hear me correctly."

"If I catch you with a nigga i'm killing him." He let me go. "You be doing too fucking much." I rolled my eyes.

"Stop doing that stupid shit."

"Boy shut the fuck up. You better be glad i'm still entertaining your hoe ass. You know that bitch still posting and send me shit of you." I pointed my finger in his face.

"You always saying this- because the shit keep happening." I yelled.

He started laughing making me walk over and slap him. Tay grabbed my neck and put me on the bed.

"Numani don't put yo- well stop putting yours hand on me." I cut him off.

He leaned down brining his face towards mine. "Come up outta these." He pulled at my tights.

I took my tights off following with the rest of my clothes.


Tay attached his mouth to my clit making me throw my head back. I put my hand on his head and kept it there.

He stuck his tongue inside making me try to push his head away. "Fuck." I moaned.

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