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"What you and Tay got going on?" Nani asked me.

"Ion got shit going on with that nigga." I said. "Is that so?" She raised her eye brow.

"That is. Why you think we got something going on?" I asked. "Maybe cause every time y'all see each other y'all start arguing." She shrugged.

"Anyways where Jazz?" I asked her. "Now her and Tee got some going on." She tapped me.

"Ask her where she at." I said. She nodded as I went to the bathroom. I grabbed my watch and chain then put it on.

I had took a nap so that's why I had to put them back on.

"She said she at the courts with Kay and the rest of them. You tryna go?" She yelled. "Yeah." I yelled.

I grabbed my air forces and put them on before going back out to the living room.

"Ima drive my car." I said. "And ima drive mines. I might have a dick appointment when I leave this bitch." She laughed.

We walked out my house and I made sure to the lock the door. When we got to our cars we both got in. I put my purse in the passenger before I pulled off.

The song Leaked by Lil Baby started to play.

"She in ha feelings because we ain't speaking but sheon een call a nigga." I rapped.

Once we got to the courts I grabbed my things and got out. I called Jazz and waited for her to answer.

"Which one y'all at?" I asked. "The one all the way inna back." She said. "Damn for what?" I laughed.

"I don't know chile." When she said that I hung up. Nani came beside me and we walked all the way to the back.

"Hey everybody." Nani laughed waving. "Hey bitch." Kay smiled coming up to hug us. I sat down and put my purse on my lap.

"This sun is out like a mothafucka." I said. "Wassup. You can't speak?" Dre asked coming over to me.

"Hey Dre." I laughed. "Hey. Hold this for me." He handed me his phone and chains. I put all of that shit in my purse.

"Jazmine. Come here." I put my finger out and motioned her over to us. "Not my government." She laughed.

"What did I do?" She put her hands up. "You with Tee?" I raised my eye brow. "No, girl. We just fucked." She shrugged.

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