Chapter 34

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You looked up at the guy who was looking down amused and you felt your heart rate speeding up momentarily. You were in a lot of trouble.

You immediately recognized him. About 6’5, black messy hair, green eyes, fit spaghetti noodle body type in a tight black shirt and baggy jeans. About twenty years old. One of the finest men you’ve ever met in your entire life. The bodyguard you recklessly lied to in order to get into the backstage room before Löded Diper’s performance at the talent show.

You were fucked. I mean you wish you were. You were dead. Yeah. That’s a better wording.

Honestly you would lie by saying that you weren’t lowkey hoping on seeing him again someday.

Maybe not exactly under these circumstances since you haven’t exactly planed on how you were going to explain yourself to him yet. But this was fine too. If this man was the last thing, you would see before you died, that wouldn’t even be too bad.

He was just so fine and that sly smile on his face. Wow. Does he look like this at all the people he is about to kill?

You stared at him. You didn’t know what to say. I mean what do you say in these moments? Staring seemed like the safest option.

Okay no. Actually, this is a lie. Running away, hiding in the bathroom, screaming for help – that would have been the safest option.

That freezing in shock was pretty much just an excuse to keep staring at him. A work of art. That's how he looked like. I fucking hate myself for being like this but fuck, just let me be.

He stared back.

Surprisingly, he didn’t look angry. He actually looked quite amused giving you a daring look, not saying a single word.

After you finally realized that he was waiting for you to say something and a solid amount of time passed by a quiet “hi” escaped your mouth.

Hi? Seriously? Over 170 thousand words in the English language I could have used. But I chose hi? After lying to him like this.

Honestly, I’d rather he killed me because I am not trying to live with that embarrassing memory till the rest of my life.

“Hi” he answered visibly entertained, his arms crossing over his chest. “Not so eloquent anymore now, are we?”

You let out a shaky breath, calming down, knowing you could totally still turn this whole thing around. Hopefully.

“See, I only lie that way when I’m convinced that I will not ever see them again, if that makes it any better." Y/N you fucking idiot. "I am so sorry” you said, giving him the most sincere smile you could come up with.

“Don’t be. Lovely story you sold me there and so convincing. I’m actually impressed” he answered as you looked at him surprised.

“I feel weirdly flattered. How exactly did you find out?” you asked relaxing, seeing how chill he was.

“Did some research on the history of the theatre. You had my shitting my pants, afraid that my boss would fire me if he found out I had absolutely no background knowledge on ‘the building I’m working in’”, he said imitating your voice, making you laugh. “But I quickly realized that it was bullshit and that the girl that supposedly saved hundreds of lives that night wasn’t only the prettiest I’ve seen in a while but also quite smart.”

“You’re gonna make me blush” you answered playfully, feeling astonishingly comfortable around him. Maybe you weren’t going to die after all.

“I consider this mission completed then” he answered grabbing something out of his pocket.

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