Chapter 32

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“Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time now. You wear this cross chain sometimes, but you always skip church on Sundays. I’m curious. What exactly are your religious beliefs if I may ask” you asked taking a sip of your coffee as you pulled into the seniors parking lot.

“You’re pretty observative” Rodrick chuckled amused, tiredly looking up from his phone screen. “I’m Christian. Catholic to be precise. I believe in God, Jesus and a few events that the bible describes. But the church isn’t doing it for me, you get me?” he spoke calmly, sipping his coffee as well. “See, especially after all these pedophilia scandals. Like, I know this doesn’t define the church but it’s unacceptable to me and I’m not tryna confess how I did Greg dirty to a guy that might have possibly raped a 7-year-old. Might as well apologize for my sins while praying at night” he added as you nodded understanding, secretly impressed by how serious he spoke.

“I don’t even know how to call myself honestly. But I think that just by simply truly believing in God’s existence, I’m just as much Christian as my parents are, even though they go to church like every week. I don’t care. I mind my business they mind theirs. Who am I to judge anyone after all? You do you, as long it doesn’t harm anyone, right?” he added looking up at you, trying to process everything he just said. It was only 7.30 in the morning after all.

“Amen” you answered grabbing your bag from the backseat, before locking the car.

Heading to school, Rodrick casually slung his arm around your back. You shared your first two history periods together, which made the day seem a little less shitty than it actually was. In fact, history was never a boring class and at least guaranteed you a good, chill morning.

Just like today. Everything was going great. You’ve met Mads and Chris in class.

While handing Rodrick back his car keys she told you about how her and Ben decided against getting matching tattoos for now since they couldn’t decide on something both of them would like. Instead, they went to the movies and had a whole horror flim marathon. She told you about how amusing it was since Ben quite literally nearly shitted his pants out of fear and clung to her like a baby when a scary scene would come up.

When class started Mr. Williams once again managed to make history sound like the latest news. I'm pretty sure everyone knows those teachers who act like their job is some sort of punishment. Teachers who hate everything, everyone around them including themselves. With Mr. Williams it was the exact opposite. You could see how dedicated he was, how much he loved and enjoyed his job.

In fact, you could literally feel it, since his attitude had a direct impact on your whole history class. A very positive impact to be precise. There was no one who scored lower than a B- in the last written exam. Keep in mind Rodrick and Chris attended this class too.

He dealt with the topics quickly and accurately and almost never gave homework. And besides being a perfect teacher, he was a kind person too. He cared about his students and their mental health. He knew to not ask a student who didn’t raise their hand for an answer, because he quite plainly wasn’t a dick. Protect this man at all costs!

Anyway, so yeah. Everything was great until one of your classmates dropped their glass water bottle on the floor. The flask shattered into what looked like a million pieces and the water spilled everywhere.

You immediately offered to go to the janitors closet to get some rugs for the spilled water and a broom for the broken glass, wanting to get out of this classroom for a moment anyway, because wandering around the empty hallways while everyone’s inside studying >>>>>.

Mr. Williams of course agreed to your request immediately, grateful for your help he quickly handed you the hall pass. Now you didn’t have a lot of time to wander around the school but it certainly was better than nothing.

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