Chapter 5

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Your parents showed you around your new, spacious home, eventually coming to your room, and you liked it. It was bigger than your last one, had gray walls and black furniture. You liked having everything in dark and neutral colours right now, you and your parents knowing that this was probably just a phase you'd get over with, it wasn't a secret. Yet they made the effort for you to feel comfortable in your new room, probably feeling guilty for making you move once again. You still appreciated it though. The past was the past and you couldn't change it anymore. You cried for two days straight and definitely didn't plan to repeat on that. This time you'd just have to be careful to not get too attached, which shouldn't be that hard anyway. So, now all that was left for you to do, was to hang on some posters on the walls and you would be just fine.

Still amazed by your room you headed to the window, taking a quick look through it, just to see which view you'll get each day from now on. Looking from the left to the right, all you could see were some trees, a shit ton of white houses, a guy standing in the opposite window staring at you and a street lamp. Nice you thought leaning your hands against the window sill before your thoughts and observations settled in your head and realization hit you like a brick, quickly turning your head back to the boy standing in the window, mirroring your moves. Great, my neighbour's a stalker, haven't been in a situation like this before you thought tilting your head to the side, squinting your eyes slightly. There always got to be a first time they say, right?

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" you shouted for him to hear, opening your window, seeing that his was opened too. Shock covering his face at first, like he was suprised that you actually had the audecity to open your mouth, but quickly being replaced by a cocky smile answering "I think some wrong with my eyes." Rubbing his eyes lightly you gave him a confused look, just to receive an "I cant take them off you".

"Oh, shut up" you answered rolling your eyes, turning around attempting to put down the curtains but being stopped by him shouting again. "Wait, I'm sorry that was dumb okay, won't happen again" sounding genuine you decided to turn back around. Facing him once again you couldn't help but notice that he wasn't that bad looking after all. He was really tall, you couldn't tell exactly how tall, since all you could see was his skinny upper body, but definitely tall. He was wearing a black hoodie with a little inscription on it that you couldn't read and had dark brown, messy hair, making it seem like he just woke up, still looking really cute. Something about his appearance screamed emo and punk but then again it was softer than that, and even though you couldn't tell what it was, you liked it.

Observing the boy suddenly the wall behind him caught your eyes, especially the posters hanging on it. Nirvana, The Neighbourhood and Twenty One Pilots - that's all you could see, but just by that you knew that he had an amazing taste in music. Maybe we can be friends after all you thought, his voice bringing you back to earth.

"Like what you see?" he asked smiling proudly, since he must have seen you staring, making you let out an annoyed huff, his conceited behaviour pissing you off slowly.  Right when you thought you could be friends. Jokes on me you thought, watching his eyes grow big suddenly filling with panic.

"Wait, no! That's not what I meant" he said hecticly gesturing with his hands. "I mean the posters" he corrected himself turning around pointing at them. "Oh, yeah I do" you answered relieved. "They're my favorite bands actually" you added smiling. "But add Falling in Reverse, The Arctic Monkeys and Avril Lavigne my one and only queen" you said still trying to keep your voice up so he could hear you, making him smile.

"You really do like them?" he asked a little bit too suprised for your taste. "These are my favorites too" he said turning back to you, putting his hands on the window swill as well. "But isn't that more of like" he started scratching the back of his neck uncomfortably, "you know, music for men rather than women" he asked making your blood boil.

"A what?" you asked again trying to stay as calm as possible, disbelief filling your voice. "Oh okay, 'Mr. Music Has A Gender'" you started putting on a smirk, "don't mean to flex but guess who's got tickets and backstage passes for the upcoming The Neigbourhood concert" you added smiling devilishly at him as you watched his eyes grow big.

"You did what?" he asked shocked, immediately losing the grin off his face. "But they were sold out before I even had a chance to buy them" he stated making you smile amused shrugging it off, acting like it was nothing even though you screamed with happiness when you found them in your mailbox. "Well I couldn't belive it at first" you answered looking him in the eyes making him nervous, "but apparently they sell them to girls too. Fucking sexist" you added before turning around, putting down your curtains, lying down on your bed, letting out a quiet sigh.

But of course you had to forget to close the window and now had to hear that assholes explanations and babbling. "Oh, come on" he said, his voice all whiny, "you know I didn't mean it that way. It's just I never actually met a girl listening to them. I'm not a sexist, I promise. I love woman. In fact, I love all women" he added making you let out an amused laugh he couldn't hear. "But wait not like that. You know I dont like all woman. Like I'm not dating all woman" he explained himself, panicking more and more with each second. "I'm not a fuckboy. I mean woman rights and equality and all that shit. Also, you just got mad at me three times during two minutes and I don't even know your name. Just put up the damn curtains and talk to me, please" he pleaded. You weren't mad at him anymore, you knew he was just one of these clumsy boys tripping over their own words, yet you decided to not tell him and let him explain himself, cause that was definitely the funniest part of your whole day. "Come on, I know you're still in your room and hear me" he added. You finally stood up then, opened the curtains, looked him in the eyes deadly, before closing the window and leaving your room, not turning around anymore, playing your role perfectly.

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