Chapter 11

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It was Monday 7:30am and you were eating breakfast with your parents downstairs. You were tired. Youve got like what? 6 hours of sleep? You knew that some people your age barely slept at all but that simply wasnt the case with you. Usually it didnt take you long to fall asleep and when you did, you could sleep for 12 hours straight. And now youve got 6. Great. Talking about a good start at school looking like a zombie.

"Excited for school?" your dads voice finally brought you back on earth.

"Oh yeah, totally." you said in a sarcastic tone.

Shit. Could have done better as a supportive daughter.

He raised his eyebrow, now looking up from the magazine hes been reading.

"Sorry. I really mean it. Im just tired for some reason."

He gave you a soft smile.

"Maybe you'll be more talkative on the way to school." your mom said giving you a smile as well.

Shit. I forgot to tell them about Rodrick. I actually forgot that hell pick me up.

"Uhm, I don't think so mom." you said quietly. "I'm actually- I mean...Ehm...Well, actually Rodrick is driving me to school...If you don't mind of course. I can just cancel it if that's a problem. I just thought it'd be a great idea, since he's visiting that school for 3 years now and he knows all the classrooms and teachers. And it would actually be great to arrive to school having a friend already. Unlike the other times...Also he has offered it to me so it's not like Im being a burden."

Now both of your parents looked at you, eyes wide opened. And as you were about to tell them you won't go your mom spoke up.

"Of course you can go sweetie, why did you think this would be a problem? I actually do think thats a great idea as well." she said in a soft voice.

"Wow, really? Thank you so much. So, I think Ill be heading out now. Hes probably waiting already." you said giving both of them a kiss on the cheek and waving as you headed outside.

And there he was. Leaning out of some white minibus with something written on it, giving you his usual smirk.

You walked over to him.

"Löded Diper? you read out loud. What's that?"

"I'm glad you you're asking" he said a smile growing on his face. "Löded Diper is the best band on earth with the most talented and most attractive drummer worldwide."

"Oh really? I have never heard of them" you said heading for the passenger seat. But as you opened the door and captured a first glance to the back of the bus you've realized why youve never heard of them.

"Oh my God. You are in a band?!" you said sincerely impressed. "That's crazy, except Ive expected the drummer to be quite more attractive. I think you were exaggerating." you said sitting down, smiling at him.

"Oh please, shut up" he answered trying to look as pissed off as possible but not being able to wipe away the smile of his face.

"So when can I hear you play?" you said as he started driving.

"Wait, you actually want to hear us play?" he asked now turning to face you for a second but quickly focusing his eyes on the road again, his cheeks turning slightly red.

"Of course I want to. I wouldn't have asked otherwise dumbass" you answered his question rolling your eyes.

"Wow, okay. Just haven't expected that. You know people usually don't like listening to us."

"Why? Are you guys really that shitty?" you asked ironically.

"Shitty? Iv'e already told you we're the best band on earth love. No. Uhm..Its just...How do I say this? Ehm..Yeah so, the thing is were kind of loud, thats why they dont usually like listening to us. But you know what? Loud music is good music and some people simply dont have good taste in music if they don't like us." he said growing more confident with every word.

"Oh yeah, that's a really mature mind set you have Heffley." you said in a sarcastic tone.

"Obviously." he answered dead serious.

You couldn't help but laugh.

First he watched you with a confused look but then started laughing with you.

"Okay but for real now you said trying to calm down. When can I watch you guys play?" you asked again.

"Wow, you still want to hear us? Damn. Well, were actually meeting today after school so you could just come over." he said now parking the bus in the school parking lot.

"I'll be there" you said stepping out of it.

As you walked into the school together you realized that you actually had first period class together – your history major.

"Wait are you actually interested in history or just in the hot history teacher?" he asked smirking at you.

"Shut up. I didn't even see him you" said elbowing him. "But actually, I wouldn't mind a hot history teacher."

He looked down at you, his eyes sparkling in a different way you haven't seen before. "You know, he isn't that attractive anyway", he said coldly turning his gaze ahead of him again.

"You know, as long as he is hotter than that most attractive drummer worldwide he can't be so bad" you said looking him straight in the eyes placing a smirk on your face.

"Thats enough." he said laughing you will pay for this one.

You actually had a really good comeback to this one but before you could say anything he lifted you up on his shoulder so that your head hung down at the side of his back.

"Rodrick, I swear if you dont put me down immediately, I will kill you" you said dead serious.

"I think I'll take that Risk" he answered laughing.

"Rodrick, Im wearing a skirt" you said punching his back slightly. Please.

"Holy shit" he said putting you down immediately, "why didn't you tell me?" he said growing mad.

"Excuse me? What are you getting mad for?!" you said confused. "Its not like I was the one who wanted to get lifted up that way."

"Fine but you could have told me about that skirt thing immediately" he said, his voice sharpening.

Okay, now you were pissed. It's your first day at school and you will definitely not waste that by worrying about that bipolar mf. "This is literally all your fault. Also, its not like youre blind and didnt see me wearing these clothes anyway. You really think of me as some slutty bitch huh? Fuck you Rodrick seriously. I dont need that kind of drama, its not like you are my boyfriend anyway."

And with that you turned around and started walking away as you heard him shouting behind you. "Come on Y/N, I didn't mean it that way. Also, you need me to find your way to history class, don't be ridiculous!

You didn't even turn around and just threw up your middle finger. Walking somewhere completely alone again.

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