Chapter 1

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You casually sat on your bed going through your phone, watching tik toks and texting your friends. It was the last days of winter break and right now you had absolutely nothing to do. Instead of having fun and enjoying yourself you spent all your days at home doing nothing. Really making use of the best years of your life.

Your few friends visited their relatives and your boyfriend Jaxon was out at some winter camp texting you all the time about how boring it was and how much he missed you.

Yup, your boyfriend Jaxon. He was pretty cool, one year older than you and a senior at your high school in Florida. His blonde fluffy hair, pretty face, great body and the fact that he was the football team captain made so many girls fall for him. Really cliche, I know, yet true.

You were new at school, just moved in town having no friends, not knowing a single soul when Jaxon approached you for the first time. He showed you around school and the town, introduced you to his friends. It's like he adopted you and provided you the best start you could get into your new, great life, filled with endless opportunities. You were really grateful for everything he did for you but that wasn't what made you stick with him for such a long time. It was the strong feelings you've developed for him over time. These weren't any romantic feelings, they were different, you couldn't describe them properly. At some point you started talking, sharing your deepest thoughts and secrets, talking absolut trash the next second. You've spent each free moment together, whether it was lunch break or the whole weekends, you've never got tired of him. For the first time you felt such a strong connection with someone. So this is how having an actual best friend must feel like, you remembered yourself thinking one day. And you knew for sure that now that you've got that feeling, you never ever wanna loose it. So yeah, as I said, you really had a great time. In fact you had such a great time with each other, that people actually started thinking you were dating, which seemed absolutely ridiculous to you at that time, knowing exactly how you felt about him. But well, apparently people speculating about your relationship wasn't that trivial after all, regarding the fact that he just soon later confessed his very much romantic feelings to you. He told you he "loved" you and instead of setting things clear immediately, you've panicked. Scared of losing your best friend you quickly said it back, later telling yourself that this wasn't really a lie. After all you really loved him, just not the same way he loved you. Also, this wouldn't be the first time you date a guy you don't love anyway, so why exactly break his heart and lose your best friend? you thought. So yeah, this is how you ended up dating, and hey, it's not that bad.

As you started dating, you told yourself that maybe you would evolve some feelings for him during your relationship, but, well, you were wrong. There weren't any romantic feelings and if they were on their way, they were really taking their time.

To be honest, you hated yourself for not feeling the same way for him as he did for you. During the year you were dating he was nothing but sweet, protective, supportive and respectful. He kind of reminded you a little of a golden retriever. A sweet puppy. And you don't wanna make him sad, do you?

So you just went along with it, doing everything a teenage couple would do. You went to prom together, he took you on little dates to the cinema or on picnics. You went to concerts together, got drunk and high, made out and fucked. You even introduced him to your parents. And they loved him.

He was great, you were great together. You had fun. You just didn't love him. So you pretended, which was fucked up. But it worked.

You dozed off, thinking about all that stuff as you suddenly heard a small knock at your door. "Come in" you said, tiredly rubbing your eyes, as your mom made her way into your room admiring the beautiful mess of it. "This place is a mess" she stated looking around as if she read your mind. "Are you okay?" she asked turning back to you as you nodded your head signaling that you were. Your mom was really understanding and chill and knew that teens in your age who had messy rooms and didn't talk a lot with their parents weren't always lazy but maybe were lacking motivation or suffering from some mental illness, which luckily wasn't the case with you. Yet she kept making sure once in a while, and you appreciated it.

"I'm fine" you said. "Just lazy" you added, instant regret hitting you like a train, knowing that she would make you clean it now.

"Please no mom" you pleaded quickly, sitting up as she smirked at you. "You've got 3 days, use your time well" she answered standing back up, not giving you a single look before leaving your room.

You knew that this was definitely weird and suspicious but just shrugged it off, turning back to your phone. Splitting my time wisely? Please, who the fuck am I to do that?? You knew you'd just do it last minute, like you always did. Postponing everything and stressing out later saying that you always have so much to do. Yes, that sounds a lot like you.

But surprisingly she came back after a few minutes, some boxes in her hands, putting them down on your floor. "3 days" she said turning to you. "3 days, because we're moving."

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