Chapter 2

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You stared at her for a while figuring out whether she was being serious or not, time moving lighspeed and slow motion the same second while you just let it pass.

"Uhm" you started letting out an awkward cough. "Moving to like a different state?" you asked, not sure of how you felt about the idea of doing this again. It wasn't the first time you were moving. It wasn't the second or third time either. No. This would be the seventh time now. The reasons for your moving always being the same. Either your parents jobs or the fact that they simply didn't like the location. They really said yolo each time they decided to move, and you never blamed them. If this was the life they wanted to live and it made them happy, you wouldn't want to stay in between that, perfectly and authentically playing the role of the supportive daughter.

"Yes, to another state" your dad answered suddenly joining you in your room, coming out of the hallway like they scripted this conversation perfectly. Family reunion in my room. Should have expected we're moving you thought still keeping your mouth shut, watching your parents, precisely thinking about what exactly you were supposed to say next.

"Uh" you started again, pausing for a second, overthinking your next words, "okay" being the only one actually making it out of your mouth. "And may I ask why and maybe, just maybe, where?" you added trying to sort your thoughts, knowing exactly what their response would be. They never wanted to tell you your next destination, wanting for it to be a suprise every damn time.

"Well, it's because we got bored of Florida. There's simply nothing special about it" your mom said shrugging her shoulders, making you suppress a huff.
"Yeah, there's no bond. We don't feel connected to this place in any kind of way" your dad added, his arms crossed over his chest as he casually leaned against your door frame.

Yeah, maybe it's because you've been living here for one and a half year only and you didn't have a chance to build a bond or whatever you're talking about you thought, deciding to keep this one to yourself as well. Understanding and supporting daughter, remember?

Instead you decided to just go with "fine by me"- the save option. "But you didn't answer the where question" you added, trying your luck, just to get the same answer you've got the last six times already.

"Y/n, honey, you know we won't tell you" Your parents said in unison, looking as proud as ever as you let out a quiet sigh, nodding your head in agreement, unable to keep your smile up, making your parents exchange a worried look and ask you whether you were okay.

"Of course" you said putting your smile back on quickly, trying to reassure them. Wouldn't change your decision anyway. "Now go" you said standing up from your bed laughing, waving your hands towards your door. "Let me pack my stuff, don't wanna leave anything behind" you added keeping up your ideal fassade up as your parents hugged you quickly, thanking you for how understanding you were, before finally leaving your room.

Closing the door behind them you slid down on the floor, feeling your knees getting weak and shaky, suddenly unable to hold the weight of your body. And there you were, leaning your head against the door, not moving at all. Not feeling happy or sad. Not laughing. Not crying. Not even thinking. Just sitting there and letting it sink in. And just as you thought that this was it, that you just wouldn't feel anything at all, it all came crushing down on you, your tears finally escaping your eyes, flowing down your cheeks as you rested your head against your knees, soon the streams of tears and your quiet sobbing getting overwhelming, making it hard for you to breathe. Of course you tried to stay as quiet as possible while crying, not wanting your parents to worry about you, knowing that they had enough on their minds with this whole moving thing. But you just couldn't help but think about all the things you would have to leave behind once again.

You would have to leave your friends you loved, your favourite place - the tiny spot near a little lake, that only a few people knew about. It was your calming spot you always came to when you dealt with something huge. You would have to leave your favourite record store, your favourite bookstore, your favourite coffee shop. You would have to leave your favourite English teacher. And then lastly you'd have to leave Jaxon - your best friend. You might have not loved him in a romantic way but you did loved him and there was no need to deny it.

Your parents might have not had a bond with this place but you had. Jaxon. He was the patch that held you and Florida together. And now you would not only break his heart but also lose him, the person that would usually be there for you in moments like these.

"Wow" you whispered, your voice breaking. "This will definitely be harder than the last 6 times" you added quietly, wiping away the tears from your face.

And this is how this day ended.

You couldn't remember exactly when you fell asleep. Whether it was at 9pm or 2am. The only thing you could remember was that you knew that the next 3 days would hurt like hell.

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