Chapter 24

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It was currently 9pm but still bright and hot outside when you were sitting at the parking lot right next to your parents' car with Manny, painting the floor with colorful chalk. And even though it wasn’t late yet, you were exhausted.

You arrived at your camping spot at 9am and haven’t had a single minute for yourself or Rodrick since. It was like everyone wanted something from you. First you had to pitch your and your parents' tent, because they apparently couldn’t do it themselves, being way too busy living their best life's, not giving two shit’s about where they would sleep in later on.

Then your dad and Mr. Heffley insisted to take you on a 3 hours fishing trip. You hated fishing, especially regarding the fact that you’re vegetarian, but your dad taught you when you were younger and you never told him how you really felt about his hobby, afraid to make him sad.

After that Greg and Rowley asked you for your help building a fort with the wood laying on the ground. This one took you like 2 hours but you were really proud of how it turned out. It wasn’t only big but had a great design, green leaves and dandelions decorating it here and there. It turned out so great that the boys decided to sleep in there instead of their tent, which they originally would share with Rodrick, who was really grateful for what you did, since he didn’t want to share it with the two middle schoolers either.

He gave you a quick, thankful kiss on your cheek, completely ignoring your parents around watching you, your cheeks growing red as you watched their surprised looks. You never wanted them to know about your ‘relationship’, since it wasn’t real after all. But now there was definitely no way back. You had to tell them. Not the truth obviously, but just that you were dating and so you did. But of course, you made the wrong decision, your mom and Mrs. Heffley deciding to take you on a ladies-talk-walk after the both of you confirmed your relationship.

It wasn’t anything bad and they were both really happy for you, especially Susan. She kept telling you that you were such a great, talented, beautiful and smart girl who was almost too good for her son. But then of course there was the unpleasant part – the sex talk – led by your wonderful mum.

You honestly couldn’t remember when you were so embarrassed and confused the last time. Also, you didn’t quite understand why she had to do this in front of Mrs. Heffley, especially considering the fact that you had that talk like a million times before, but you decided to not say anything and just nod, hoping this nightmare would end as soon as possible. And it did - 7 miles later.

And now here you were. Sitting on the floor, painting different colorful flowers, the dust of the chalk covering your whole hands by now, your legs still hurting from that long 'ladies-walk' as you watched the little red-haired boy in front of you, drawing a green circle with an eye inside of it. And somehow, this was the first relaxing moment this day.

“I like your flowers” he suddenly said, taking you out of your thoughts. “Can you do a blue one as well?” he added, a small smile covering your face now as you nodded your head, too tired to get out another word. Realizing after a moment that this might have came around as rude, you decided to ask him about his own painting.

“I love yours though” you started, a smile immediately forming at his face. “Is that a monster?” you asked lowering your voice, giving it a spooky touch as he nodded his head in agreement. “It’s Mike Glotzkowski” he answered proudly as you let out an impressed gasp. “You mean the one from The Monsters Inc.? The one with his blue monster friend? How was his name again?” you asked, sincerely trying to remember but couldn’t. And as he was about to tell you, opening his mouth to respond, someone suddenly interrupted him.

“It’s Sulley” you’ve heard a familiar, low voice right behind you, looking up seeing your ‘boyfriend’ kneeling down right next to you, you gave him a soft smile.

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