Chapter 13

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"Heather just let it go, please" Rodrick said, as you felt his grip tightening around your hand.

"Aww, did someone got herself a little boyfriend already?" she said ignoring Rodrick, putting on a mocking smile.

You let out a quiet laugh.

"I dont know why youre laughing? I wasn't joking" she said with anger in her voice.

"Of course you werent" you said smiling, "But fine, I'll pick them up." you answered smiling softly.

"No, you wont Y/N" Rodrick said through gritted teeth, dragging your arm closer to his.

"Rodrick, I swear if you wont take off your hand right now, youre gonna lose it." you said whispering for only him to hear.

He looked you in the eyes, shocked by your attitude but immediately let it go. He backed up a little. "I just hope you know what youre doing."

You gave him a smile and turned back around facing Heather and then finally got down, picking up her 3 notebooks. As you stood back up, you realized that not only Heather was watching with a satisfied look on her face, but also Rodrick and the rest of the people surrounding you. Whispers filling the air you stood now in front of Heather as she waited for you to hand her the notebooks.

But instead of handing it to her you took the first one, and slowly ripped it apart, not breaking eye contact with her. Then you did the same with the other ones and when you were finished you threw all the papers in the trash can right next to you. "Done" you said smiling at her, watching her shocked expression.

After her shock passed, all she said was "Youre gonna pay for this."

"Oh yeah?" you said, stepping closer to her "what youre gonna do about it?"


"Thats what I thought" you said in a low voice, nearly whispering.

Then you turned around to face Rodrick, just to see him with the same shocked expression that was on Heathers face just seconds ago. You smiled at him and then reached for his hand. He took it immediately. "Come on, lets go. Well be late for class" you said and he just nodded.

As you walked down the hallway hand in hand you turned around one last time, just to see Heather surrounded by her allies and shouted "Hey Heather! Feel free to go fishing, Im pretty sure some glue will do it." and without even waiting for her response you walked away without turning around anymore.

As you were out of her sight Rodrick suddenly stopped walking and turned to face you. "Youre unbelievable" he said, looking you in the eyes, a bright smile appearing on his face.

You rolled your eyes and smiled. "Please it was nothing. She literally made it way too easy for me."

"I really thought youre just gonna do what she says for a second" he said as you started walking again.

"Please, I thought you knew me better."

"Well, I wish I did" he said smirking at you again. "But you wont let me."

"Thats your own fault asshole". you answered smiling back at him. "Anyways, I think you should get going if you dont want to be late for class."

"Yeah, right. See you around." he said giving you one last smile and then turned around and left.

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