Chapter 6

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After hanging on your few posters and finding your two favourite  stuffed animals in one box, placing them on your bed, you already felt a little home. Not entirely, but a little. And as you were standing there in peace, admiring your amazing decoration skills, you've suddenly heard the bell ring, not minding at first, expecting your parents to open the door. But after the second bell ring you've suddenly remembered your parents leaving to Walmart, buying some groceries.

You immediately rushed down stairs hoping your visitor hasn't left by now, straightening your clothes quickly before opening the door, facing a woman who was just about to leave. She looked like she was in her late thirties/early forties, had short brown hair, wore black glasses and a white summer dress covered with pink flowers. She was pretty and looked really friendly too.

"Hello" you said using a voice that you hoped would sound as friendly as she seemed to be, putting on a small smile, getting the sudden urge to make the best first impression possible for some reason. "I'm y/n y/l/n" you said sticking out your hand towards her. "How may I help you?" you asked as she took your hand into hers, shaking it weakly. "I'm Susan Heffley, your neighbor to the left, nice to meet you my dear" she answered smiling, her voice matching her appearance perfectly, even friendlier than you've expected it to be, your smile slowly fading away.

Neighbor to the left? you replayed her words in your head. So that's that guys mom you explained to yourself. How come he's so annoying and she is so sweet? you asked yourself knowing that the genes clearly didn't do their work correctly. You quickly shook off every thought about this boy, regaining your composure. "It's so nice to meet you ma'am" you answered trying your best to keep up your smile, nervously fiddling with the rings on your left hand, still managing to keep eye contact somehow.

"Just call me Susan, sweetie" she said casually as you nodded your head in response, knowing damn well that you'd never do that. Calling adults by their first name felt illegal, even if they asked you to do so. "So, are your parents home by any chance?" she asked, trying to catch a small glimpse inside, discretely looking over your shoulder as you leaned against the door frame, shaking your head.

"No, they just left to the store. I'm really sorry" you answered calmly "I could take a message though?" you added as she shifted from her left to her right feet, holding something wrapped in cling tape in her hands. "Well, it's nothing" she answered suddenly getting all shy. "I just wanted to invite you to dinner with us, tomorrow maybe if you had time. We would love to get to know our new neigbours" she added, inner panic immediately filling you in waves. Please no, Lord have mercy you prayed, remembering that asshole living in the same household, suddenly getting really nervous.

And despite all your second thoughts your answer came out as simple as always. "Of course, I'm sure my parents would be happy to, just tell us when and we'll be there" you said, her face lightening up, her smile growing wider at your response.

"How about 3 then?" she asked as you nodded your head politely in agreement, struggling to keep your smile up once again. I mean, who the fuck eats dinner at 3? Was that like a normal thing to do or was it just them being weird? you wondered. "Perfect, see you then" you answered, being pretty sure that she was just going to say goodbye and leave, relived about this conversation to finally be over, just wanting to close the door behind you. You didn't know what it was, she was really friendly and all, but there was just a lot wrong with that talk. But instead of leaving she handed you the thing she was holding in her hands all time long.

"Take this my dear" she said smiling as you took the warm plate. "You must be really hungry from your long haul" she added before hugging you goodbye as you thanked her. Hugging already? That's fast but I love it.

Closing the door behind you, going back inside you realized how your hands were shaking slightly, the dinner plans tomorrow really making you nervous. It wasn't that you were scared to actually face the guy, it was more the fact that you weren't really in the mood to make new acquaintances already, the whole moving thing being overwhelming enough itself. I'd basically rather skip it you thought while you unwrapped the food eagerly.

You were really hungry. Hungry, nervous, exhausted, emotionally drained, sad. The list could go on and on forever, the point being that only food could fix all these negative emotions after all. Finally unpacking the meal you faced the probably most beautiful lasagna you've ever seen, drooling at the sight of it. Three stacked layers of thin, flat pasta filled with tomato sauce, meat, vegetables and endless cheese. Spicing it up with a small bit of garlic, oregano, basil and melted, grated mozzarella. Oh dear holy mother of all the small good things, thank you for that you thought before realization of the meat part and you being vegetarian hit you like a train. The fact that you couldn't eat that culinary masterpiece nearly making you cry.

"I really do hate it here" being the only words coming out of your mouth as a weak whisper.

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