Chapter 26

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“Dammit Rodrick, stop moving or I’ll just poke out your eye” you said situating yourself on his lap, softly taking his face into your hands.

It was 8.30 pm. when you were getting ready for the party at Dave’s. You didn’t know him but apparently, he was some popular guy, quarterback of the school football team and one of Bryce’s close friends of course. He was probably one of the guys surrounding you the day Bryce spilled his drink all over you on purpose, “enjoying the view”, being just another sexist asshole. You even considered not to go for some time, but quickly changed your mind seeing how excited Rodrick was. He wanted to go so badly, that you decided to just go with it, not even mentioning your second thoughts.

He laughed quietly making you mess up the eyeliner once again. “Oh, I’m so done with you” you said watching the wavy line going all over his left eyelid, desperately throwing the eyeliner on the couch, slipping down from his lap. It was the third time he moved making you screw up and with each time you grew more annoyed, he seemed more and more amused. "I know you’re doing it on purpose. Asshole” you mumbled pissed off underneath your breath, watching Rodrick’s eyes grow wide open.

“Uhm, excuse me?” he answered overdramatically, putting on a shocked face expression as you rolled your eyes. “Well, okay. Apology accepted. But I’m not doing your eyeliner anymore anyway” you said giving him a small smile, snatching the eyeliner to do your own make up.

You know that wasn’t an apology Y/N” he added smirking, giving you a challenging look waiting for one of your oh so brilliant comebacks. “I’ll just act like I didn’t hear this one” you just answered shrugging it off, not being in the mood for bantering, finishing your eyeliner. But realizing that might have sounded too coldly you turned back around letting out a quiet sigh seeing Rodrick’s confused face expression.

“I’m sorry” you said after a while sitting back down on his lap, softly washing away the disaster off his eye, drawing another, now perfect line, since he didn’t move at all. “Looking real good Heffley” you whispered finishing, pulling away from him, a smile forming on both of your faces. But before he even got a chance to answer, you heard someone knocking at the door.

You quickly got up, heading to the door, opening it, just to face your mom, who offered to watch Greg and Manny for today so that the both of you could go to the party, since Mrs. Heffley still spent all days at the hospital. Your mom taking care of the boys felt weird. It felt like you and Rodrick were some 40 years old couple and she came over to watch your own kids so that you could have some alone time and just the thought of it made you really uncomfortable.

Shaking off that sour idea you quickly said goodbye to your mom and left the house, letting the fresh yet warm summer night air hitting your face.

“You seem tense. Are you alright?” the emo boy suddenly asked concerned as you entered his van. Nodding your head slightly in response you pulled out the CD you’ve got from him and inserted it into the CD player in order to change the topic. “I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet” you said nervously as it loaded, Rodrick starting the engineer a small smile appearing on his face. “And you thought that now would be the right moment?” he asked amused as you nodded your head in agreement. And as you were about to tell him that you always kept it in your bag, waiting for a moment like this one, you suddenly got interrupted by a very familiar song starting to play.

“I can’t believe you’re actually listening to these” you said laughing. You expected to hear the casual bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance or the Waterparks but instead price tag by Jessie J came on. “I love that song” you added honestly.

“I might be a depressed emo listening to rock on a daily base but these songs are literal bops and you cannot argue with that” Rodrick answered smiling, giving you a quick look before facing the road once again. And it was at the refrain where you couldn’t help but sing out loud.

2 One Direction, one Katy Perry song and 15 minutes full of screaming later, you finally arrived in front of the big white house surrounded by a picket fence, the music so loud you could hear it in the car and at least 80 people having the time of their life’s visible in and outside of the house.

“I’m not drinking, so feel free to drink whatever and as much as you want, I’ll drive” you said getting out of the car, heading inside hand by hand. “As long as I don’t have to carry you to the car on my back, I’m absolutely fine” you added as Rodrick let out a silent huff, leaning down the way his lips slightly brushed against your ear. “I’m not drinking either” he said trying to overtone the loud music around you. “See, 2 weeks before you moved in here, I threw this huge party, since mom, dad and Manny left, leaving Greg and me alone. So, I locked him in the basement and told everyone to come over. Long story short, it was a great party until my parents didn’t find the pictures and I got lifelong house arrest that was only lifted when you moved in.” he said leaning his arms on your shoulders, now looking you straight in the eyes. “Oh, and I didn’t forget how hung over I was afterwards. I’m telling you, alcohol isn’t worth the pain afterwards.”

“You deadass locked him in the basement?” you asked unable to hide your amused look, making him smile. “Pretty cool, huh?” he answered, looking as proud as ever, making you roll your eyes ironically. But before you could say another word you got someone placing a hand on your shoulder making you turn around – Maddie.

“Finally, you’re here, I need you right now Y/n” she said pulling you away from Rodrick, leading you to the enormous living room. And as confused as your ‘boyfriend’ was, he followed you, leaving some space between the both of you and him in order to give you some privacy, greeting some people on his way.

“Okay, listen. We’re doing a Just Dance contest. I made it to the final round, but so did Heather. So now we figured we’d make teams of 2 people. Whoever gets the higher score wins. Now I know this might sound ridiculous but we have to win. Look everyone is watching” she said enthusiastically pointing at all the people surrounding Heather and her friend who already performed the final dance. Watching them you felt your smile grow even wider than before.

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