Chapter 16

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It’s been 3 days since you spoke to Rodrick or Maddie.

Not because you chose to, but because you hadn’t really a chance to. Maddie literally got sick on the first day and couldn’t tell you about that master plan.

And Rodrick? Well, you did obviously have the chance to meet up, since he is your neighbor after all, it’s just that you weren’t in the mood to do so. So actually, you did choose when it came to Rodrick.

You accepted the fact that he likes Heather and that’s why you started avoiding him. It wasn’t that hard anyway, since you had classes together on Mondays only. Also, you really didn’t want to be the reason they wouldn’t work out, though you literally didn’t see anything between them. 

But there was this thing that kept bothering you. Why didn’t he say anything when you stood up to her? He even seemed happy. But maybe you just interpreted it the wrong way.

Currently you were admiring your finished presentation. I think this might be the best one I ever did. Yeah, you did quite a good job, but mainly because you were so invested in that topic. And as you were going through your text again, practicing for tomorrow, you’ve heard a quiet knock at your door.

“Come in” you said expecting it to be your mom or dad. Every time you have a huge project coming up, they are a 100% supportive and try to help you as much as possible. Your personal favorite is your mom bringing you a fruit bowl while you’re working, or your dad informing himself a little about the topic you’re working on, so he can talk to you about it. Or when they see you being really tired, they just take you out to see the movies sometimes, so you can relax a little. Yes, they were great.

But coming in wasn’t your mom nor your dad. It was Maddie, storming in and taking you into a huge hug.

“Heyyy” you said laughing, still a little shocked. “What are you doing here? You feeling better?”

“Yes, I do. What about you though? Haven’t seen you at school today.” she answered pulling back, sitting down at your bed.

“You looked at her confused. “What do you mean? I was at school. I thought you were still sick though.”

“Well, I’ve been looking for you all day long and you didn’t take any of my calls either. So, I figured I must have infected you and that you were lying in bed half dead.”

You looked down and checked your phone. And there it was. 4 missed calls and 12 messages. You looked back up at her and gave your best apologetic smile. She just smiled back at you rolling her eyes and started talking to you about the most random stuff ever and updating you on school gossip.

You found out a whole bunch of interesting stuff like the fact that Bryce and Heather used to go out or that there is a yearly talent competition at your school and prom of course. Or that in the final week of high school all seniors dress up every day according to a certain motto and pull pranks on the entire school. Or that everyone dresses up on Halloween as well and a whole load of other stuff.

You were fascinated, because you haven’t known half of the things yet.

But then she excused herself and went to the restroom. And soon after that you’ve heard another knock at your door.

You stood up, saying that she wouldn’t have to knock every time, but as you pulled the door open you realized that it wasn’t Maddie.

“What are you doing here Rodrick?” you said confused looking at the nervous boy standing in your door frame.
But instead of answering your question he just stepped inside, moving closer to you.

“Are you avoiding me Y/N?” he said, looking you in the eyes.

You sighed. “Rodrick, this isn’t good timing” you said as calmly as possible. “Maddie is here.”

“Well, I don’t really care” he said stepping even closer to you leaving no space between the two of you.

You rolled your eyes annoyed, pushing him slightly away. “Geez, fine. I’ve been avoiding you. So what?”

“So what?!” he said with his eyes growing wide. “Wh-why? Just why Y/N?”

“Because you like Heather and I don’t wanna be the reason you guys won’t get together” you said without holding back. Wouldn’t make sense anyway.

You expected him to say something but instead he just looked at you without saying anything, with disbelieve displayed in his eyes and a blank face expression.

You felt really uncomfortable and as you were about to crack a joke to loosen up the atmosphere Maddie returned to your room watching the both of you with a wide smile. “Great, so since everyone is here, let me tell you the master plan.”

Okay, so I know the last two chapters been pretty dull but I promise you guys the next one will be way better and spicy.

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