Chapter 30

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“So, how do I look?” she asked turning away from the mirror to face you, uncertainty covering her pale face.

Today was the big day. Plainview's Most Talented – the talent show Löded Diper practiced for for two months now, nearly every day after school in the Heffley’s basement – finally took place.

Usually such a contest wouldn’t be a big deal neither to you nor anyone else you knew from your past.

However, this wasn’t Miami. This was Plainview – a small city in the middle of nowhere, where practically everyone knew each other and the winner would be recognized by everyone until the day
they died. Isn’t that charming?

Rodrick liked to call it their ‘huge break’, because even if they wouldn’t win (‘which would be absolutely unacceptable’) this would bring them publicity which would then obviously lead to a famous international record label to discover them, making them worldwide stars.

Makes sense and is a 100% realistic, right? Pretty much Punk One Direction.

“Like a goddess, thanks for blessing me with your presence queen” you answered smiling, looking up at your best friend fumbling nervously with her long, curly hair.

You were currently at Maddies, laying on her bed, reading one of her gossip magazines while she tried to go from garden fairy to the family disappointment style wise.

The talent show started at 6.30pm., which meant that you had still over an hour to go but Mads didn’t seem content with any of the twenty outfits she already tried on, the pile of clothes right next to you getting bigger and messier with each minute. The most frustrating part about it being the fact that she literally looked gorgeous in every single one of them but didn’t see it herself.

“This is it, I’m not going” she said sighing exasperated, throwing another outfit on the heap, before falling down dramatically on the bed herself.

“This doesn’t look ‘I might be the lead singers supportive girlfriend, but I’m still so much cooler than him’ enough” she complained.

You couldn’t help but laugh about this ridiculously funny situation, Maddie immediately snatching the magazine out of your hand and hitting you with it.

“Dude I’m not joking” she said trying to come off as serious as possible, yet unable to suppress her own smile. “How does it feel to be God’s favorite, being able to pull off every outfit?” she asked you, standing back up, heading to her wardrobe again, referring to your quite basic outfit.

You were wearing a black ripped mom jeans, black converse and the Löded Diper sweatshirt you’ve got from Rodrick the day you were at the beach.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” you answered now standing up, taking a sip of your coffee, walking up to her, taking a look into her closet as well.

“Do you own any fishnet stockings?” you
asked after a while, turning back to Maddie nodding her head. “I think so, give me a second” she answered before diving into her wardrobe again, pulling out heart patterned tights out of them a minute later, handing them to you.

“Adorable” you commented, before putting them down on her bed.

“Okay so here’s what I would do. These stockings. Your white leg warmers plus the Doc Martens. That blue jean mini skirt, the one that's giving 2005 vibes. The Löded Diper shirt. But I don’t know whether you should tuck it in or not. And that black oversized leather jacket you have” you listed while she took out everything you named, preparing her outfit like she’d prepare the ingredients
for a cake.

“I can’t believe that this actually looks so good” Maddie mumbled admiring herself in the mirror after putting on her clothes, her curly red hair completing the look while you watched her carefully, analyzing every single detail of the outfit.

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