Chapter 7

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"Y/N can't you just go upstairs and change to look like a normal person for once?" you heard your mom shouting from downstairs as you changed into your own clothes after refusing to wear the ones they bought for you. "I literally spent an hour with your father yesterday looking for a dress you could wear to make a good first impression, one that you would still like" she added now trying to make you feel guilty for wasting her time. I know that I said you were the supportive daughter, but when it came to your clothes, the limits of your sympathy were reached.

"A dress I would like? And you chose that?" you shouted now putting on a random band shirt you've thrifted thinking it looked cool, matching it with a black ripped skinny jeans, your Doc Martens and a greenish flannel. "Mom, I'm really sorry to disappoint you then but I don't wear these kinds of clothes and you know that" you added now walking downstairs joining your parents in the living room, pointing at the white dress with pink flowers in your hand, giving it back to your mom. It strongly reminded you of the dress Mrs. Heffley wore yesterday and above all respect, you certainly didn't like the idea of matching outfits with her.

"Also, I already met Mrs. Heffley yesterday, too late for a good first impression now" you added shrugging as your mom rolled her eyes annoyed, knowing she wouldn't be able to convince you.

Now, I know I said your parents were chill and that wasnt a lie. They were until it came to guests coming over or making good first impressions. Well then, then they went absolutely crazy.

From the moment you told your parents about that dinner today they started behaving insane, both going shopping for new clothes, their whole wardrobe suddenly appearing to be absolutely unacceptable, visiting the hairdresser, the urge to get a new haircut as strong as never before. And of course there was the constant lecturing about how you were supposed to behave, what you could and should do and what you were supposed to avoid, them practically putting words into your mouth. The only enjoyable part of the day being the two hours in which you and your mom got your nails done.

"Also, what is wrong with my clothes? I dont get it" you asked feeling yourself slowly losing it, trying to stay as calm as possible though.

You liked your outfit, it looked pretty dope. Around your neck you wore the necklace you were always wearing, the one you've got from Jaxon, still not ready to just put it away for some reason. You didn't wear makeup. Not because you didn't like it. In fact you adored girls who could do make up, they were beautiful and talented. The reason for you not wearing it being the fact that you were simply too lazy to actually learn it. So therefore, the only thing you did every day was some eyeliner and that's all.

"There's nothing wrong with your clothes Y/N, dress however you want to, it's fine" your dad suddenly interfered calmly before the situation could escalate, your mom letting out a quiet sigh telling you to go, clearly not satisfied with the way you looked.

And as you stepped outside, your dad locking the door behind you, you realized how different you looked from your parents. Them looking so conservative, stern, old, even though they were both only 35 years old, your mom giving birth to you when she was 18. They looked so different from how they usually did, both normally radiating a strong bohemian vibe.

After rehearsing your greeting lines for the hundredth time today you reached the Heffley's house eventually, knocking at the door, heating Susan on the other side. "Rodrick, Greg, downstairs now! Manny honey, here! Frank, they're here!" she shouted as you heard multiple people gathering in the hallway. "Okay guys stand here and be nice" she added, her voice almost threatening, making you smile.

She opened the door eventually, revealing her standing there surrounded by three sons and her husband. Poor woman. She greeted you and your mom, immediately pulling you into a warm, kind hug, shaking your dad's hand, showing her brightest smile, the rest of the family following, introducing themselves. Mr. Heffley shaking your hand, saying that you'll have so much fun here in Plainview - the best town ever existing on earth.  Then a guy who was about eleven years old introduced himself as Greg, giving off major smart-boy energy. The other boy who was even younger than Greg was Manny. He was about five years old and somehow turned out ginger and even though he was the smallest you could already tell that he was ruling this place, being like the secret big boss.

And then there he was, last but not least, that very attractive idiot who's already greeted your parents, casually leaning against the door frame giving you a small smile as you turned around to face him. "Well, hello asshole" you said smiling after reassuring yourself that noone was listening to you, the adults way to invested into some conversation they just started, stretching out your hand for him to shake it as he shook his head in disbelief, unable to hide the smile displaying on his face. But instead of simply shaking your hand he grabbed it gently, lifting it up before placing a small soft kiss on it, like in those Disney movies, not breaking eye contact even for a second.

You were shocked, feeling yourself losing control, your face feeling hot, probably painted all in red by now. You looked away flustered suddenly embarrassed someone might have seen it, but noone seemed to, everyone being too invested in their own conversations. Turning your gaze back to him, your heart quickly beating in your chest, you wondered how he managed to make you so nervous by just one simple move as you watched him still leaning against the door frame with a smirk on his face, enjoying watching you this way.

"It's Rodrick actually" he said lazily, clearly amused by the situation he's created. "Pleasure to meet you" he added looking at you expectantly, making you realize that you still haven't told him your name.

"Uhm, yeah of course" you answered, clearing your throat, trying to regain your composure. "Y/N it is" you added as he smiled at you.

"That's a beautiful name" he stated still acting like that whole hand kissing thing was nothing but a casual gesture as you thanked him, quickly looking down to avoid eye contact, feeling yourself blush once again, noticing that he was still holding your hand. You quickly pulled it away too embarrassed to look him in the eyes again, feeling him still staring at you entertained.

"So, how about we take that conversation to the table. Dinner is ready" Susan said suddenly for everyone to hear, saving you for now as you let out a relived sigh.

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