Chapter 22

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Now this day was probably the worst since you moved to Plainview considering it was your past haunting you once again. Waking up this morning, there was a text from your ex-boyfriend Jaxon awaiting you. More precisely a snap you’ve got at 3.28 am. which could only mean bad news.

Before opening it, flashbacks of your break-up once again filled your mind. How you told him that you never loved him the way he loved you, his disappointed face expression, the deafening silence. You have not only lost your best friend this day, but also left him heartbroken and started a new chapter of your life not worrying about him anymore. Yup, that’s who you are, a selfish bitch. You haven’t even texted him once. Why would you anyway? It’s not like you could be friends after what happened.

As you finally opened the snap, you’ve watched Jaxon being at a party, high and drunk, some girl sitting on his lap, kissing his neck. “See Y/N, I moved on. I don’t need you anymore. I’m so over you” he said with a trembling voice, holding his phone, his hands slightly shacking, his eyes red.

Watching the recording, you couldn’t help but notice how much he has changed. He never was the type of person who gets stoned for fun, he wasn’t into that kind of stuff. He never liked one-night stands or making out with random people, he was scared he would get too attached to them.

His appearance has also changed. There wasn’t much left of the golden boy you used to know. He dyed his blonde hair blue, pierced his nose and is that a tattoo on his left arm? Yes. There is a big snake covering his skin. And even though he has changed nearly everything about himself he still looked like a perfect fictional character, who isn’t good enough for anyone.

And then suddenly the screen went black. The video ended.

Did you want to replay it? Yes, you wanted. You wanted to watch that perfect human, whom you used to love so much again. You wanted to hear him say your name once again. But you didn't replay it. You knew that he didn’t move on, that he wasn’t doing great, he wouldn’t have sent you that video otherwise. And the worst part was that you were the reason but couldn’t do anything about it now. It was too late.

You already messed up and there was no going back. Yet you’ve spent the rest of your day going through your old pictures. Great moments, that remained nothing but wonderful memories. And after you finished going through Jaxon’s and your pictures you couldn’t help but continue going through other old pictures with other friends you had to leave behind, a few tears flowing down your cheeks from time to time. At some point you even put on your sad playlist to match the vibe. When I’m doing a pity party, I should at least do it the right way.

After a few hours passed and you were done with pitying yourself once again, you decided that you finally had to let go of the past and stop looking up old pictures when you were sad. It wouldn’t change anything except of making you even sadder than you already were. Thus, you wanted to get rid of all your pictures. You knew that this wouldn’t make you forget about the past but maybe it’d help to get over it and help you to let go. It was a ridiculous and naïve idea and you knew that there was no way it would work, but it’s not like you had anything to lose.

You made some research how other people let go. You read that some froze pictures and then broke them. Some burned them and others just simply deleted them. But you knew that sooner or later you’d regret doing that. These were some great memories after all.

So, what you decided to do was to just simply put these pictures into photo albums, which you would then put in a place you didn’t go to. One album for each place you lived in, which makes 7. But standing in the aisle you were wondering about getting 8. Even though your parents apparently liked Plainview you knew for sure they wouldn’t stay here forever.

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