Chapter 19

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“Okay, so that was my presentation on the topic ‘dreams’. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, hopefully you don’t, feel free to ask me” you said with a relieved smile on your face taking in the applause of your class mates.

After a moment passed and no one raised their hand you turned to your teacher “Okay, so apparently there are no questions. Do you have any ma’am?” you asked nervously.

“No Y/N, you did an excellent job. Thank you so much, you may take your seat now” the elderly woman responded kindly.

She is your psychology teacher and you absolutely love her. Since your first day at school, she was nothing but friendly and your current relationship is more of a grandma-granddaughter one than a teacher-student one.

As you approached your seat it was time for the feedback round- the worst shit ever.

You watched 3 students raising their hands – Maddie, Jake (a guy you liked talking to and would actually consider your friend) and Heather. Well, shit. Here we go.

“Maddie, go ahead” your teacher said.
She quickly gave you that look and you knew exactly what was about to happen.

“Okay so, I really loved your presentation and I think that this was actually the best one I’ve ever heard” she said as you rolled your eyes and your teacher laughed. “And it’s not like I’m saying this because she is my friend. Nah-ah. She spoke fluently and have you seen the slides? Please, this was like an artistic masterpiece. Also, it was SO interesting.” she added making big hand gestures. “Like I genuinely feel like that presentation changed my life Mrs. Jackson.”

You watched her wide eyed but couldn’t wipe away the smile of your face. This girl is crazy. I love her.

“Wow. Miss Smith, you don't seem convinced” your teacher said playfully.

“This one deserves a noble price” she said proud.

“Oh my God. Maddie!” you said clapping your hand in your face to cover how red you were.

After that, you listened to Jake’s feedback, which was a little more realistic, but still really good.

As he finished you gave him a grateful smile, which he responded with a small wink that made you laugh.

But the worst part was yet to come. “Miss Hills, go ahead” Mrs. Jackson said once again, giving her the green flag to start.

She turned around to face you and gave you that smile.

That evil, bitter, mischievous smile you knew from your first day at school already.

“Okay, well I mean Jake and Madeline were obviously exaggerating. I, personally, have no idea what supposedly is so special about that presentation, like I’m pretty sure my 12-years-old sister could do the exact same thing, maybe even better” she said innocently.

“Furthermore, I have quite a few questions concerning the pictures you’ve used” she added now turning around to face you and you had to bite your tongue to not lose your temper right in front of Mrs. Jackson.

“Go ahead” you said calmly, letting out a heavy sigh.

“Okay so there was that first picture I didn’t quite catch why you chose. Also, where did you get it from? I mean fine, you listed all of your sources, but not for the pictures. I don’t think that’s fair. Have you ever heard about copy rights? Well, yeah. I didn’t expect you to, but you know there is something like that and you-” but she was cut off by the bell.

“Okay, thank you for that really detailed criticism Heather” your teacher spoke up immediately.

“Okay, but I wasn’t done yet Mrs. Jackson, also don’t you dismiss us and not the bell?” she quickly added.

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