Chapter 25

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It was 8:15 when you were sitting in school listening to your history teacher talking about the Origins of the Cold War. Usually, you loved history, it was your favorite subject but today you struggled to keep your eyes open.

The last 4 days have been anything but easy since the rest of your camping trip was a disaster due to Mr.Heffleys stupidity. After Greg and Rowley accidently threw their ball too high up in the air while playing some game they invented it got stuck on some random tree. And when Greg announced that he would climb up the tree and throw it back down, Frank forbade it to him, saying that he wouldnt put his son in such danger and would do it himself. Unfortunately, he didnt consider the fact that he weighs way more than his 12-years-old son and that the tree might just collapse. Which it did. And thats how your trip took a different course, namely to the hospital, where the bold guy got operated. 5 broken ribs, his left leg and right arm.

Since then, Susan spent practically every free moment with Frank, which was cute. Absolutely unnecessary and problematic but cute.

At mornings, everyone is at work, in kindergarten, and at school, so there is no huge problem then, but in the afternoons, yes. Your parents arent home until 8 p.m. and Mrs. Heffley often doesn't come back until 1 a.m., which means that the burden of caring for Greg and Manny falls on Rodrick. Which means that it also falls on you too. He is your boyfriend, you got to be there for him. Thats what your parents said and thats what youre dealing with now.

Today after school youd have to pick them up once again and then cook something together. You cant just go with pizza 4 days in a row after all. Then youd have to help Greg with his homework and lastly put both of them to sleep. Only after all this youd be able take care of your own assignments and study for the exams that will be held in a week, probably falling asleep in Rodricks bed once again.

The first time it happened you felt pretty bad since he took the couch not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable. But after you reassured him that you were okay with sleeping in the same bed, you woke up next to him every day. It happened 3 times now and you should probably get used to it and see it as something casual but you couldnt. Waking up next to Rodrick sparked the warm feeling in your chest every time and watching him peacefully asleep, his breathing slow and steady, his hair all messy covering his eyes, made you feel as safe as you always do around him.

The last days made you realize that there was something special about him and the way he made you feel. You couldnt quite describe what it was and didnt know how that emotion was called, but it was definitely something you havent experienced before. You also thought about Rodrick as an individual and noticed how unique he was. He didnt care about dressing norms or boring rules. He didnt care about the fact that some people might not like his band or his music taste, his beliefs. He just kept doing what he wanted and still managed to be funny, sensitive, caring and all his flaws adding up made him an even more wonderful person. You didnt know whether falling for someone felt like this, but the things you felt started scaring you. They were overwhelming in a painfully pure way, you just started exploring.

One of your biggest fears has always been to live a boring life that's following a certain routine. To go to work, take care of a kid, eat and go to sleep. Its a fear you had to face the last 4 days, but it turned out to be so much different from what youve expected it to be. The days youve spent with the Heffleys you realized that routine might not be what you want in life, but there was a certain stability you liked. You knew you wanted to travel the world, you wanted things to keep changing. But there was one thing you wanted to remain the same, that one person youd always be together with. That one person you wouldnt get tired of. You didnt know whether Rodrick was that one person, but you liked to think of him that way.

You felt yourself slowly dozing off, Mr. Williams words meaninglessly flowing in and out of you like a stream, your eyelids getting heavier with every second, closing eventually as, you suddenly felt something lightly hitting your head, bringing you back to reality.

You immediately looked back up, scared it was your teacher who caught you not paying attention but quickly realized that it wasnt him but a note, a ball of paper. Looking around it wasnt hard to guess who threw it since that person looked you straight in the eyes, patiently waiting for your reaction. And of course, the person, or more precisely, these two people turned out to be none other than your dear best friend and lovely boyfriend, both staring at you as you gave them a confused look. So, you just decided to open it, trying to act as inconspicuous as possible as you read the few words scribbled on the crumpled paper.

Dont make plans for 2night. Were going on a party. 8/9 pm.

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