Chapter 18

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You’ve been driving for around 10 minutes in silence. But it wasn’t that awkward kind of silence. It was more of that calming one.

He stopped at some random parking lot and told you to wait in the bus. You did as he told you and checked your phone in the meantime. But you’ve only noticed where you were when you saw him coming back after a while with two bags full of food-McDonalds.

“Here you go” he said handing you one of the bags. Inside there was a vegan burger, large fries, a large coke and a mc sundae. You looked up at him smiling. “You know, I think I could get used to dating you.”

“I remember saying my mom stuff like the key to a woman's heart is through her stomach but I never really believed her” he said smiling, starting the engineer.

“Well, you should have. Your mom is a very wise woman” you said smiling, feeding him a fry since he was driving.

You spent the rest of the drive eating and talking about bullshit laughing off your asses. And as he finally stopped the car it was dark outside already and slightly cool.

You got out of the car realizing that you were at the beach. You haven’t been here yet but you were happy you are now. You loved it. It’s where you spent most of the days with your grandma in Cali. But as you enjoyed the view suddenly a cold shiver went down your spine.

“Rodrick” you said turning around to face him. He was searching something in the back of the bus but immediately looked up when you spoke to him. “I don’t wanna annoy you or anything and I really love it here but I’m kind of cold” you continued feeling yourself shaking slightly.

He quickly looked you up and down and then gave you a slight gesture with his head signifying that you should come closer. You did and as you were standing right next to him, he handed you an oversized black hoodie with the inscription “Löded Diper”.

“You know, I have 2 of these. But if you really don’t want to wear them it’s fine. We’ll just p-” he said nervously rubbing the back of his neck trying to avoid eye contact but you cut him off by just putting it on and giving him a soft smile.

And that was all it took to bring back that sparkling in his eyes and that stupid grin you liked so much.

Putting on the second hoodie and taking out 3 blankets he closed and locked the bus.

Heading down to the beach he took your hand and entwined it with his own one. He did it like it was just a casual gesture, but it wasn’t. It sparked that warm feeling in your chest once again. That warm feeling no one else made you ever feel. How does he make that?

As you finally reached your destiny and felt the sand touching the tips of your shoes you put them off. That’s what you always do. You loved walking barefoot on the sand. It was such a simple thing but it made you so happy for some reason.

He looked at you curiously but then imitated you.

And there you were. Standing at the beach with your bare feet in the sand, hand in hand on a cool summer night with no one around. Just him and you, the sand and the ocean and lastly that warm feeling in your chest. You didn’t know whether he felt it too and you didn’t want to. Sometimes it's better not to know some things.

It’s not like you never were at an empty beach with someone at that hour. It’s the feelings that you never felt before. You felt so alive but in the same time so calm. It’s indescribable.

You watched that emo guy you met by accident standing next to you unfolding a blanket on which you could sit, realizing that he was the only one who made you ever feel this type of way.

And when the both of you finally lied down you snuggled closer to him embracing him into a tight hug.

You felt his body tensing up for a second but the immediately relaxing and returning your hug.

“Thank you” you said whispering quietly. “I-I think I needed this.”
He looked at you smiling kindly but didn’t say anything.

After a few moments of silence passed he turned around to face you. “I think we should start teaching ourselves some astronomy basics” he said completely out of the blue.

You looked up at him with a confused look.

“See, imagine if we could sit here talking about the stars” he explained “That would be quite romantic.”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “I know you want this to be perfect, but it already is Rodrick” you answered softly. “You did an excellent job sir.”

He looked at you with a small smile appearing on his face and sparkling eyes. “You really think so? I mean all we did was getting food at McDonalds, driving half an hour and now we’re laying at the beach. That’s all. Wouldn’t you prefer like an expensive restaurant or the theatre or something like that?”

“Of course, I would have. I mean isn’t a portion that doesn’t appease one’s hunger and 3 hours of boredom, surrounded by rich boring people every 60 years old's dream?” you said sarcastically and the both of you exploded in laughter.

But then suddenly you remembered something. “Shit, Rodrick my parents.”

“Don’t worry about them. I left a quick note ‘from you’ saying that you were finishing a project at Maddie’s and that you would run late. Maddie knows.”

“Wow, you really thought about everything.” you said impressed. “Luckily I got ready with my project before you guys came though."

“Right, that dream project. So, since you’re a pro now tell me what does it mean when you like always keep dreaming about that one person?” he asked.

“Well okay that’s a complicated one” you said smiling looking up at the stars. “It doesn’t always have one meaning, you know. Are these like good/ happy dreams or more like frightening ones?”

“These are great dreams; I sometimes wish they were real” he answered now smiling to himself.

“Well then it’s not complicated at all. Dreaming about someone you like, just means you want to be with the person. Call it attraction, fascination, love or anything else. You secretly hope to be with the person you like and spend time with her I guess.” you said.

“Wait are we talking about Heather?” you said turning around.

You watched his face turning red and getting all nervous “Uh yeah, Heather. Of course, who else?”

“Okay, okay, calm down Romeo. No need to get all worked up.” you said laughing, “It’s just crazy that you actually like her for so long now and you guys still aren’t dating. I don’t think she knows what she’s missing.”

And after you said these words, instant regret hit you like a train. You knew exactly what would happen now.

He bent over you with that smirk on his face, trapping you with one hand on each side next to your body. I knew you’d like being my girlfriend” he said, his face so close to yours that you could smell his cologne and mint breath.

“Please” you said sliding away, switching from bottom to top. “I can’t remember you asking me the way you actually wanted to” you said tapping your nails slightly on his chest giving him your most innocent smile. “So technically, I’m not even your fake-girlfriend yet big guy.”

You watched his smile growing.

“Come on Y/N, what should I do for you to finally say” he said desperately.

“Catch me and I’m yours” you said quickly getting up with a smirk on your face, running away from him as fast as you could. You knew he would catch you sometime, but the last thing you wanted was it to be easy. You liked to watch him try.

You ran as fast as you could as he quickly got up laughing chasing you. And he needed a whole 2 minutes to actually catch up with you. When he finally did, he caught you, his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him, your back against his chest.

“You’re mine now” he whispered in your ear. You could feel him smiling.

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t wipe away your own smile. “Fine” you said grinning “But don’t think you’ll be the dominant one in this relationship. Even if it’s fake.”

You felt his grip around your waist tightening “We’ll see, love.”

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