Chapter 9

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Entering your house you turned on some music, your spotify playlist blasting loudly through the huge speakers you've got from your grandma on your birthday. That's what you always did when you were home alone. As the understanding daughter you were, you never played loud music around your parents to not bother them. They often worked at home or read a book, they liked it quiet, so you simply listened to it on your headphones.

But the truth was that you loved loud music. The beat pulsating through your body, the air thumped with it, the floor vibrating with the bass notes, while you danced until your feet hurt and sang until you got hoarse. You weren't a good singer but you sang anyway and it never failed to lighten up your mood.

Stripping out of your clothes you stepped into the shower, the hot water hitting your body, dripping down your shoulders, taking you into a hug as you closed your eyes. Your hands running through your wet hair as you applied your maracuja-scent shampoo, slowly massaging your scalp, your body starting to relax eventually. Washing off the shampoo, replacing it with your conditioner you thought about all the things that happened in the past 5 days, overwhelming you, everything you left behind. You didn't feel sad anymore, at least not right now. You didn't feel happy either. In fact, you didn't feel anything at all. It was like this was just another chapter you finished, dozens yet to come. And you didn't know what it was, but stepping out of the shower you took off Jaxon's necklace, letting out a shaky breath as you watched yourself in the mirror, a small smile appearing on your face.

Now, you didn't know what that was supposed to mean, whether you were ready to move on or not, but there was one thing that you knew for sure. If that was just another chapter, why not make it a fun one? A chapter without any responsibilities, commitment or heavy feelings. This has got to be the best idea I've ever had you thought to yourself proudly, your smile growing after hearing the song that just came on - Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus - an absolute classic.

You started singing the song loudly, wrapping yourself and your hair in a towel, grabbing your hairbrush, pretending it was a microphone, while performing a whole concert, nearly overhearing the doorbell ringing. You quickly stormed out of the bathroom, holding the towel up as best as you could, not stopping to sing, being way too happy right now.

"and she doesn't give a damn about me..." you sang, opening the door, knowing damn well your parents loved that song as well, holding your hairbrush with an outstretched hand right in front of you, so they could finish the lyrics.

"cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby!" you've heard a shrill voice finishing the song. But leaning against the doorframe weren't your parents, no, it was Rodrick, giving you a clearly amused look as you stood there in shock, unable to get a single word out of your mouth, slowly lowering the brush, wondering whether there was any way to delete yourself.

After a moment of silence passed and you recovered from your shock, feeling that you could think clearly again, you realized that you were still standing wrapped around a towel only. "What the hell are you doing here?" you asked angrily, remembering how he got you in trouble during dinner, trying to fix your towel the way it showed as little skin as possible, his eyes scanning your body from the bottom to the top, your words not reaching him at all, your body being the only thing he could concentrate on right now.

"Hey!" you said raising your voice a little, snapping your fingers right in front of his face to get his attention. "My face is up here" you added growing annoyed of him as he shook his head lightly, his eyes immediately flicking back up, locking with yours, focusing on your conversation again. "Uh..yes" he said rasping his voice, "heyy, look who's got my name right after all" he added, giving you his usual smirk as you let out an annoyed sigh, rubbing your eyes tiredly. "Is that what you came here for? For me to say your name?" you asked calmly, too irritated to fight him right now. "Because if you did, you shouldn't get used to it" you added, attempting to close the door behind you, knowing that this talk was absolutely pointless. But before you could shut the door, he quickly stepped in the doorframe making it impossible for you to close it.

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