Chapter 10

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"Why?" He whispered quietly. "Why cant you just tell your parents that youve been with me? Are you really that embarrassed of me Y/N?"

You turned around to face him, your eyes full of disbelieve and confusion. "Rodrick, please dont tell me youre really that dumb. What exactly do you think my parents will think when they see you with me at 12:30 am. in an empty house both looking tired? And what will your parents think when my parents tell them that youve been here with me while you apparently should be laying asleep in your bed?"

"Oh shit! Were fucked." he said after a second.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no. Were not. We would be safe if you finally hide." you said now through gritted teeth.

"Okay, okay. Ill just leave through the back door."

"We dont have a back door." you answered trying to stay as calm as possible considering your parents were now maybe 5 seconds away from ringing the bell.

"What do you mean no back door? Everyone-"

"Are you seriously going to ask NOW why we dont have a fucking back door? you cut him off. Now hide in my room. Upstairs second room on the left. GO!"

But he still didn't move. Instead he smirked saying "Your room?"

"Oh my goodness Rodrick, I will hunt you down and kill-" But you were interrupted by the bell ringing. "Go!" you said slightly pushing him towards the stairs.

When you were sure that he was upstairs you finally opened the door. "Mom, dad I'm sorry it took me so long. I fell asleep on the couch." you said hugging them. "How was it?"

"Oh, it was great honey. I love the Heffleys." your mom said.

"Yeah, they are great." your dad added. "Did you know Frank likes fishing as well?"

"Thats great, but I think Ill go to bed now if you dont mind." you said giving your parents a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

"Goodnight honey." your dad said.

"We love you." your mom added.

You entered your room and closed the door behind you. "Rodrick, its me" you said quietly. But you couldn't find him. Instead you found an open window.

Did he escape through it?

You approached it and leaned out of it. But you couldn't see anything in the darkness. Did he really left through your window and jumped down the roof? You reached for your phone and turned on your flashlight to see whether he is in his room. But he wasn't or you just couldn't see him.

You started panicking. "Oh my God, what if he hurt himself?" you said now out loud.

But then suddenly you've heard someone whispering in your ear in a deep voice "Worried about me, darling?"

You quickly turned around and instinctively slapped the person hard across the face, just to see that its Rodrick standing right in front of you without no space left between the two of you.

"Oooww, that hurt." he said holding his hand to his cheek.

It took you a second for the shock to pass and when it finally did you were mad. Relieved that he was okay, but mad that he actually made you worry about him.

You you said pointing your finger at his chest. "You filthy, treacherous snake. I will kill you one day and then I will-"

"You won't" he cut you off. "You won't because you like me" he said smirking, taking your hand from his chest and putting it into his own.

"Excuse me?" you said, disbelieve in your voice.

"You care about me. You were worried" he said his smile growing.

"No. No I dont. I just-" but you were cut off again. Luckily you were because you wouldn't know what to say anyway.

"Its okay Y/N. I wouldnt leave without saying goodbye anyway", he said with sincerity in his eyes. He gave you one last smile before letting go of your hand and stepping on the roof through your window.

You sat down on your bed unable to get a word out of your mouth, watching him jump down. You decided to not go to sleep before making sure he isn't in his room.

You went to the back of your room and took the bag with the food. Sitting down on your bed you quickly realized that the bag didn't contain food only but a CD with a note on it and an extra note taped to the back of your Chinese food box.

You took out the CD first and read the note.

Im really sorry for being such an asshole with that music taste thing. I hope you know I didnt mean it that way.

Then you watched the cover of the CD. Songs that I thought you might like scribbled on a yellow card.

"Wow" you said quietly feeling a warm kind of feeling in your chest. You smiled to yourself and then took the Chinese food and started eating it, ripping of the note so you could read it.

Tomorrow, 7:40. Ill pick you up so we can drive to school together. I wont accept a no.

You sighed heavily and then looked up just to see Rodrick entering his room without turning on the lights. He did it. And now he looked straight into your room. Probably checking out whether youre asleep already.

You stood up and approached your window, gave him a quick wave and a smile and then closed your curtains without waiting for him to wave back. Then you went to bed.

Eventually you fell asleep.

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