Chapter 17

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The both of you sat down on your bed, trying your best to hide your conflict from Maddie. If she knew about it, she would definitely feel uncomfortable and that’s the last thing you wanted.

The situation reminded you of your parents who always tried to hide all their difficulties, problems and conflicts from you in order to protect you.

She sat down in front of you and put on a big smile and in that moment, you knew that whatever she was up to, there was no way it was a good idea.

“Okay, so here’s what I was thinking. Rodrick you like Heather, right? But she always kept rejecting you. For obvious reasons.” She said jokingly.

You felt Rodrick tensing up next to you. “What do you mean obvious reasons?” he said his face getting all red.

“Yeah, I mean how dare you talking down on the most attractive drummer like that?” you added sarcastically.

He faced you trying to give you a mad look, but couldn’t hold it for long, and instead just let that smile pass. “Also, to be honest Mads, I don’t think I still-” but he was cut off by Maddie. “Rodrick, there’s no need to deny it, we all know it. Also, if you hadn't interrupted me, you’d know you’re the one who’s profiting the most from my plan so shush.”

You looked up at him just slightly nodding his head, agreeing on what she just said. Since that moment where she mentioned that he might actually profit from her plan he looked interested, even concentrated.

You turned your gaze back to Maddie. “Okay, and Y/N, you don’t really like Heather, right?”

“Well, no, not really.” you said. There was no reason to deny it. It was obvious you didn’t like her.

“Okay, so here’s my plan. I think you guys should start dating.” she said enthusiastically.

“What?!” you said with your voice raised, your eyes wide open. “Why? Why should we start dating? That doesn’t make any sense. How is anyone even supposed to profit from that? We’re definitely not doing-” but you were cut off by Rodrick laying an arm around your shoulder telling you to shut up for a second.

“Explain.” he said calmly.

“Okay, so since Rodrick always got rejected by Heather it will look like he actually moved on and isn’t interested in her anymore. Usually, it wouldn’t make her mad, because she simply isn’t interested in him. Not yet. But when she’ll notice that Rodrick started dating you, her ‘enemy’, she’ll get the feeling that she got replaced by a better version. It will spark interest in Rodrick and she’ll want to date him at all costs. By that Rodrick profits, because he’ll get to go out with Heather, and you will profit by annoying her and putting her back at her place.” she explained.

A moment of silence passed until Rodrick finally decided to speak up. A sudden spark appearing in his eyes, he turned around to face you. "Hey, together we can get what we want. So, let's do this." he said excitedly.

You watched him with disbelieve in your eyes. The idea was shitty, you didn’t like it and the chance that this would actually work out was really low.

"What? Are you insane Rodrick? This is crazy. No way we're doing that." you answered quickly.

He must have expected that answer since all he did was to put on his usual smirk. He leaned closer to you and whispered in your ear. "Why Y/N? Scared to actually fall for me?"

You felt a shiver going down your spine at his words, your face going pale and your hands ice cold. You had to stop yourself from shaking. You didn't remember the last time you were so nervous. You’ve heard your thoughts. Don’t do it, you’ll end up getting attached. But on the other hand, there was Don’t worry, you didn’t get attached the last few times either. But what if he gets attached? No, he won’t. There’s no way he will, since he likes Heather. Don’t be egoistic, you might be his only chance to get a date with Heather.

And the last thought was probably the most deciding one. The truth is, you didn’t care about annoying Heather. You weren’t profiting in any way. But you wanted him to be happy and you knew that he would be with Heather.

You let out a quiet sigh. Trying to regain your cool, you turned back around to face Maddie. “Okay, but what if they actually start dating?” you asked. “Then I’ll be the girl who was left by her boyfriend for Heather. I don’t want that.”

“See, I already thought about that.” Maddie answered, giving you a soft smile. “You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because if this plan really works, and Heather really would be willing to go out with Rodrick then you'll 'break up' with him. Then Rodrick waits two weeks, and then he can start dating Heather. You're not going to lose, because when she thinks she won, you still have one ace in your sleeve. And that ace is Bryce. You know how both of them used to go out? Well, he likes you. So, if Heather would ever piss you off by saying that she’s got your man, just go out with Bryce once, and the problem is gone.”

“Wow, you really thought about every detail huh? Girl, you ain’t got no life” you said after a while.

Even though she planned it out so perfectly you still knew that this won’t work. It never does. 

She hit you with one of the pillows. “You know, there isn’t much you can do when you're lying sick in your bed.”

“Okay, fine.” you said putting up your hands in defense.

“Wait. ‘Okay, fine’ what? Does that mean you’re in?” Rodrick suddenly said, with excitement in his voice once again.

You sat back up, straightening your clothes and stroking your hair and as you looked up you met his eyes full of hope. “Well, if you ask nicely, we’ll see” you said smirking.

He rolled his eyes but smiled. “Okay, so will you be my fake girlfriend?” he asked in his low, but still soft voice.

You smiled and dramatically put your hand over your mouth “Oh my God Rodrick, how could you ask me right here in front of Mads. This is the most unromantic way I've ever been asked, but since I like you so much, I’ll say yes. Of course.”

You smiled at him and Maddie started applauding. But Rodrick needed to be a little extra of course. He put on his smirk and took your hand.

“Unromantic?” he asked dramatically, disbelieve filling his voice. “Let’s do it again then.”

He stood up pulling you with him, quickly whispering something to Maddie that you couldn’t hear.
“Come on” he said dragging you out of your room.

“But what about Maddie?” you asked confused.

“Don’t worry about it tiny, she’ll be fine” he said with a smile, leading you out of your house and into his bus.

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