Chapter 21

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Okay, okay. But would you guys rather have no nose or no arms?” Maddie asked laughing.

You were sitting at the lunch table listening to your friends' dumb conversations sharing your french fries with them. Since you met Rodricks friends you introduced them to yours and now you’re one big friend group hanging out together all the time.

“Of course no nose” Rodrick quickly answered snatching another one of your fries. “I mean have you seen Voldemort? He doesn’t have a nose either and they still call him the dark Lord.”

“True” all of you said in unison nodding your heads. “But like, imagine never being able to get a nose piercing, that’s pretty shit as well” Ben quickly added.

“Wait, are you seriously trying to tell me that you’d rather give away your arms then to not have a piercing? That’s fucked up Ben” Maddie answered drinking the rest of her apple juice.

“Not for a piercing, but to safe my nose in general” he quickly answered explaining himself. “Also, I would keep my arms anyways and just go with the no-nose one. Don’t worry Mads, I know you need them” he added smirking at her.

Your eyes widening you looked up at Rodrick, his face expressing the same surprise. “What?” the both of you said turning to Ben and Maddie, her cheeks turning all red. “I didn’t know you guys were a thing!” you said confused, “I mean you never told me.”

“I am so sorry I didn’t tell you Y/N” she said coming over to you taking your hand into hers, giving you an apologetic smile. “I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t know whether it would work out. It was 2 dates only. I promise I will tell you every single detail. Today after school?”

You nodded your head slightly, still shocked. “But I don’t know whether I wanna hear every single detail, from what Ben just said” you said jokingly.

“Oh my God, please. We didn’t do anything yet” she said laughing.

“Sure” Rodrick interfered in a sarcastic tone. “I don’t know about you Y/N but I would actually trust Ben on this one. One’s said Mads a wild one.”

“Shut up asshole. I’m not a fucking horse” she said pissed of throwing a fry at him.

“Hey! Hey, hey, hey. Stop. Don’t get my fries involved in this. Okay?” you said dead serious giving them your angry face, which made all of your friends laugh.

“Okay, okay. I’m sor-” she said putting up her hands but being cut off by a blonde girl approaching your table – Heather.

“Hiii guys” she said with an overly sweet tone leaning her hands on the table in such a way that you could see her bra under the T-shirt with that large cleavage, her perfectly curled hair falling on both sides of her shoulders. “How are you doing?”

You watched everyone's confused faces waiting for someone to respond, no way you would.

“Uhm, we’re great, what about you?” you finally heard Rodrick answering her question, his voice filled with uncertainty.

“I’m fine” she said turning around to face him, curling a strand of her hair around hair finger. “Actually, I really love your shirt, Rodrick. Isn’t that this band you told me about when we were just kids?”

You raised your eyebrows interested looking up at your ‘boyfriend’ who's face expression was nothing but confused. “Uh, I’m not quite sure which band I told you about but there’s no way it’s this one. They just started making music a year ago” he answered slowly, his hand that was slung around your waist suddenly gripping you tighter.

You watched the smile of her face disapper for a second, as if she’d lost control over the situation, but she quickly managed to catch herself. “Well, I’ll make sure to listen to them, I mean you’ve got a great taste in music so it’s not like I can do anything wrong here.”

You turned around to face Mads who was watching the situation as confused as everyone around your table. “Eugh, thanks” he said giving her a small smile in response, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably.

“Well okay, anyways let’s get to the point” she said putting her hands together. “I was thinking that we should hang out sometimes. You know just you and me.” she suddenly said looking him straight in the eyes, ignoring everyone around him. “You know I just think you’re pretty cool and have you been working out? I mean wow.”

You felt yourself growing annoyed by her, a weird unpleasant feeling spreading in your chest. This bitch obviously knew that you guys were ‘dating’ and now tried to make a move on Rodrick, which meant that your plan was working out. But why did it feel so wrong then?

“Uhm” Rodrick said clearing his throat, shifting in his seat. “I’m really sorry Heather but I don’t think so. I mean you’re a great girl, don’t get me wrong. And I’m really sorry if I gave you the wrong impression but I’m not really interested in you this way and well, I’ve got a girlfriend actually” he added turning to you making eye contact for a second, giving you a genuine smile, before turning back to Heather.

You watched a confused look now appearing on Heathers face mixed with a pinch of anger. “But, uh, but you said you liked me” she said her, her voice switching immediately.

“Yeah, uhm. That’s right Heather but uh...that was 2 years ago and you rejected me” he answered with his brows slightly raised. “And I moved on. Is there something wrong with this?”

“Something wrong with this?” she said raising her voice. “You just replaced me? Okay, even if you did, you know you’ll never find someone better than me.”

You let out a small laugh at what she just said and everyone's shocked face expressions, which made everyone turn around to look at you. “I’m really sorry for interrupting” you said trying to keep back your smile “go ahead.”

“No, tell me” she said angry now turning her gaze to you. “What is so funny this time?”

You looked up at Rodrick first, then at Mads, both looking at you, and then turned your gaze back to Heather. “Well,” you started. “If you insist, I’ll tell you honey. First off, really? ‘Replaced’ you? You obviously weren’t even a thing so stop being ridiculous, you’re just embarrassing yourself and I’m sure you don’t wanna do this.” you said not breaking eye contact with her, her cheeks turning red with anger.

“The next thing I thought was quite amusing is the fact that you really thought that a guy like Rodrick, who’s talented, good looking and charming would just come back running to you. He isn’t your fucking dog.” you added. “You missed your chance sweetie.”

“And the last thing, which is my personal favorite, is that you act like you don’t fucking know whom he’s dating. Because, everyone around this table, everyone of your friends and everyone in our year knows. And believe me when I’m saying, she’s so much cooler than you’ll ever be” you said standing up to face her.

“Hurts to know that you can’t have something you wanted so bad” you said now nearly whispering, yet for everyone around your table to hear.

You then turned back around, without waiting for her response and sat down at Rodricks lap. He immediately put his arms around you, giving you that hug you loved and felt safe in, while you took in the smell of his cologne. Your face so close to his, he bent down and gave you a small kiss on your head, which made your cheeks go all red. As you looked up, he just gave you a sweet smile and once again it was like it’s just the two of you.

“Good looking, charming and talented huh?” he whispered to you for no one else to hear, giving you his cocky smile.

“Sometimes it’s just so hard to like you” you said rolling your eyes.

You’ve watched him opening his mouth being about to say something else, but quickly being interrupted by Heathers annoyed sigh. “Whatever” she said rolling her eyes “Just remember if I want something, I get it.” she added and turned around to leave but you stopped her by calling her name. And of course she turned around.

I feel like this girl will never learn that every time I call her after an argument and she turns around it’s just going to end badly for her.

“What?” she asked pissed off, rolling her eyes again.

“Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find your brain back there” you quickly shouted after her giving her your sweetest smile, you friends bursting out in laughter.

“You’re such a bitch” she quickly answered, with her eyebrows lowered and pulled closer together.

“Awh” you responded putting on a sad face expression. “You're saying it like it’s a bad thing. I mean Rodrick likes it” you added now smiling.  And without even looking back up at her you knew she was mad and that’s all you wanted, to put her back into her place.

“Bro, when you were talking about that band” Mads started talking as soon as Heather was out of sight “second hand embarrassment hit me like a train.”

“Yes, or when she said that thing with, you’ll never find someone better than me I was cringing so bad” Ben quickly added and all of you exploded in laughter.

“I mean you’re literally dating the coolest girl on earth” Chris added.

“Chris stoooop” you said imitating the pick me’s at your school, doing the Debby Ryan.

And as everyone was distracted by Jake telling a different story you felt Rodrick closely leaning into you again, his lips lightly touching the back of your ear, his warm breath against your skin as he started whispering “You know that Chris is a 100% right.”

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