Chapter 12

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It was 8:07 when you finally knocked on the classroom door you thought was yours. You were 7 minutes late because obviously you didnt find the classroom, this school is actually huge.

After a moment a tall, handsome, blonde man opened the door. He was in his mid 20s and obviously your history teacher. How come its always the history teacher?

"Hello, uhm...Im really sorry for being late. Its actually my first day at school and I couldn't find the way." you said nervously playing with the rings on your fingers.

He gave you a soft smile and held out his hand "Mr. Williams, your history teacher" you shook his Hand. "Today is actually my first day as well, and guess what, couldnt find the classroom either."

You smiled at him "Uh, okay it's reassuring, to know that I'm not the only one. This school is huge, isn't it?"

"That is literally what I've been thinking" he laughed quietly. "Anyway, you can take a seat in the back of the room ehm"

"Y/N Y/L/N it is. Thank you so much." you said entering the classroom, all eyes fixed on you.

Why am I even surprised? I just spoke with this teacher as if he was my friend in front of the whole class.

You confidently headed to the back of the class, because why wouldnt you? Youre not here to make friends anyway and as long as you get a good history grade you didnt really care about other people's opinions. Youre here for a year only anyway so what's the big deal?

As you approached your seat you quickly scanned all the people in class and your eyes stopped at... surprise, surprise... Rodrick sitting 2 rows ahead of you looking you directly in the eyes, all the madness replaced by something way more intense. But you couldnt exactly figure out what it was. And honestly? You didnt even want to. You were still mad at him for getting mad at you.

As you sat down Mr. Williams spoke up again so everyone finally took his eyes off you.

"Okay, so since Im new at school and some of you are new as well, I think Id be a great idea to get to know each other. Dont get me wrong, I dont wanna hear the whole story of your life just tell us your name, age, one hobby and lastly one special fact about you. So, I propose well ju-" but he was cut off by a pretty, blonde girl raising her hand. She didn't wait for the teacher to tell her to speak up, she just did.

"Uhm, yeah Mr. Williams I just dont think that will be necessary. You know, for everyone to introduce themselves for one student only." she said giving you a mean side look.

What a fucking bitch.

"See, first off you shouldn't cut me off while Im in the middle of my sentence and second of all I just told you Im a new teacher at this school, so I obviously dont know you as well and I need to grade you. Logical, isnt it? And since you were the first one to speak, I propose youll start. he said not losing his temper even for a second.

"Uh, Oh my God. I mean thats so unnecessary but okay. Im Heather Hills, Im 18 years old, I like going shopping and would consider it my hobby and a special fact about me is that I cannot stand new students, because they get way too much attention for no reason." she said smiling 'genuinely' looking at you.

Your teacher sighed heavily. "Fine, that was good Heather. Please chose the next person."

She did and so it went on, and on, and on until the girl right in front of you was chosen. She had long red hair, pale skin with some freckles in her face. She was absolutely beautiful. She looked different from the other people youve seen before. But it wasnt only her face but also her style. She looked a little like some modern good witch or fairy. You couldnt properly explain.

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