Chapter 28

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“Looking like a sunflower chasing the sun” your mom said ironically looking at you eating your cereal, tiredly stirring your spoon in the milk.

It’s been 3 days since your “break-up” and your last real meal, the fight with Rodrick making you lose your appetite completely. Your entire weekend you’ve spent practically reading books only, trying to distract yourself from overthinking, knowing that worrying would only double the constant needle-like pinch in your chest. Of course, you’d lie saying that you haven’t cried at all, but it was definitely way less than the day you found out about moving out of Florida, it’s like you’ve gotten used to life’s extreme ups and downs and didn’t really have much more tears left to cry. Yet your eyes were still all red and swollen and your concealer empty, forcing you to put on an oversized black hoodie and a ripped black skinny jeans matching your black converse in order to stay as invisible as possible today at school.

“Funny mum, turning into a comedian, aren’t we?” you answered coldly giving her a short, forced smile, making her understand that you weren’t in the mood for her jokes now. You didn’t tell her about Rodrick yet and honestly didn’t plan to. Talking to your mum about the sad end of a fake relationship seemed ridiculous and pathetic, and the fact that your love life wasn’t any of her business anyway, made this decision way easier to you.

“Moody, I see. And I suppose you don’t wanna talk about it, right?” she asked raising her gaze up from the gossip magazine she was reading, taking a small sip from her black coffee as you nodded your head in agreement, standing up from the kitchen table, throwing the leftover food in the trash, cleaning the now empty bowl.

“Alright” she answered letting out a quiet sigh. “Is Rodrick driving you to school today again?” she asked as you packed your lunch in the backpack, throwing it on your back, rubbing your eyes tiredly. “I don’t know, I don’t think so” you said as your mum looked at you confused, her brows knitted as she frowned. “I think his lessons start later today” you quickly lied to not raise any suspicions. “I’ll just drive myself” you added quickly taking the keys of your car, before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, leaving your house behind.

But before you could let out a relived sigh another surprise was waiting for you outside, making you freeze, a sudden dread hitting your core as you felt all of your muscles tense, millions of feelings floating you, making you dizzy.

“Well, what you’re waiting for?” Rodrick shouted, waiting in his van right in front of your house, making you come back to reality. “You’ll have plenty of other opportunities to admire my beauty but now get your ass in the car, we’ll be late” he added as you approached the car, trying your best to ignore your heart moving lightspeed, a small smile building up as the surprise sank in.

Getting inside of the van you couldn’t help but realize that he looked as terrible as you did, dressed all in black trying to cover the red circles under his eyes, yet a small smile lighting up his face at your sight.

“You’re such a dumbass, bawling out your eyes” he said teasing you, starting the engineer, a smirk appearing on his face as you put your middle finger up. “Look at yourself, damn crybaby” you answered quickly, making him throw a pack of tissues at your face. You could feel yourself getting less nervous with each moment, your heart getting lighter, remembering how easy hanging out with Rodrick was, the constant pain in your chest fading away slowly. Yet you couldn’t stop thinking about why it was there in the first place, making you feel like shit once and passionate and enthusiastic in the next moment.

Moreover, you felt yourself getting overwhelmed by the whole situation. You basically just broke up, having a huge fight and now are supposed to act like nothing happened? You had no idea how to behave, act around him. How you were supposed to deal with all the feelings building up inside of you, getting stronger with each day, not knowing what they were in the first place.

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