Chapter 4

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"Mom? Dad? We've been driving for nearly 20 hours now. Will we be there soon?" you asked tiredly from the back of your parent's minivan. You just woke up from your fourth nap during this ride, trying to kill some time by sleeping and ranting your most random thoughts into the notes app on your phone, listening to some music through your headphones considering the questionable music taste of your parents.

"Twenty minutes and we're there, honey" your dad answered enthusiastically, a spark of relief shooting through your body. Now, you might not be ready for your 'new life', but you were definitely ready to get out of that damn car. Now ones might think that you should be used to these extremely long rides by now since you were experienced, a real expert when it came to dropping everyone and leaving everything behind, but this ride was just too much, even for you. I mean come on, twenty hours with only two short breaks to go to the restroom? Definitely not here for it.

"Wait, youre kidding right?" you said suddenly, noticing the road sign you just passed, your eyes growing wide open realizing where you were going to spend the next year, maybe even two living. "Dad" you added, unsure about how to start that conversation. "We are in Texas" you stated, disbelief filling your voice as your parents smiled. "You guys actually decided that it would be a good idea to live in Texas?" you asked, trying your best to not sound too offensive. "Are you turning into cowboys or some?" you asked, not knowing what to expect from these absolutely unpredictable hippies.

"Oh, come on Y/N, whats wrong with Texas? It'll be fun" your mom answered turning around, looking serious for once, scaring you a little. I feel like these crazy people might actually like it here and create a bond or whatever with this place. This is the first time I hope that we'll move again. I mean its not like Texas is bad in any way but the only thing you associated with it was their unhealthy obsession with football and religion, everything being at least a size bigger than in other states, horses on the streets, cowboys with their hats and boots and country music all day long. 

"Yeah, you are right" you answered, not wanting to make your parents upset. "I'm sorry, I'm sure it'll be great" you added smiling as they watched you in the rear mirror, letting the twenty minutes pass, soon arriving in a small town that didn't seem special in any way - Plainview - Never heard of it. Small family houses here and there, a high school, you were sure you'll be attending, some stores and playgrounds and that's it. Definitely the most boring destination compared to all the places you've lived in before, one question bothering you all the time. Why did those two people chose such a boring place for us to live?

You eventually stopped in front of a big house, the only one differing from the other white houses with their white picket fences, painted all in black, looking very elegant and fancy, standing out from the others. Your parents always liked it a little more extra and you were used to it by now. A not so boring house in a really boring neighborhood. Cool, I like it.

"So" your mom started stepping out of the car, admiring your new home, "what do you think of it?" she asked turning to you, a big smile plastered all over her face. "I like it" you answered not needing to fake your enthusiasm for once. "I really do" you added making your parents smile as they made their way in, you following right behind them, casually looking around inspecting your surroundings, suddenly noticing a strange silhouette in your neighbours house, standing right next to yours.

Wait, what the hell? Is that some guy holding binoculars? you thought approaching the house. And as you reached the fence, separating you from your neighbours, your eyes squinting slightly, your realized that there was no one standing there anymore, the person just disappeared, leaving you standing confused, looking like an idot. Wait what happened? you wondered. Where did it go? Was it even real in the first place? you asked yourself. Probably not. You must have hallucinated. That 20 hour ride has really drained all your powers after all, you explained to yourself and started heading home, wondering who these neighbors were and whether the thing you've seen in the window really was your imagination playing games with you.

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