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chemistry - rodrick x reader  by plxn_bntr
chemistry - rodrick x reader by .
she/her reader idk read and find out lmao do I even know my own story's plot slowburn
Doesn't Know by ollie_angel
Doesn't Knowby 🧿OLLIE🧿
"Rule number one, don't be good at something you don't want to do" "This is bad advice." "Rule number two, always lower mom and dads expectation...
Rodrick heffley one shot imagines by Bitchynicexox
Rodrick heffley one shot imaginesby Bitchynicexox
Imagines about rodrick heffley. Yes they include sex. Sorry not sorry
Loded Love - R.H x Reader by 666minecraft
Loded Love - R.H x Readerby crack
Rodrick wants to bang a new kind of drum.
rodrick heffley x reader  by spdrrwebs
rodrick heffley x reader by ligma
i love roderick i'm sorry :)
 Mine <3 by Dan1elleLove3
Mine <3by Alyssa
I suck at descriptions but just wanna say there probably needs a huge smut warning-
✓ are you bored yet ミ rodrick heffley by oxangejuice
✓ are you bored yet ミ rodrick heff...by LUCY
"'cause we could stay at home and watch the sunset but i can't help from asking, are you bored yet?" or rodrick heffley and adelaide monroe can't seem to keep...
"hey nerd" "hey doofus" -rodrick x reader by ilove_rockstars48
"hey nerd" "hey doofus" -rodrick x...by
"Hey, nerd." "Hey, doofus." Rodrick's parents are concerned about their son's grades so they get him a tutor. Rodrick isn't happy about this idea un...
Adore You ➝ Rodrick Heffley by aymeedonegan
Adore You ➝ Rodrick Heffleyby a
After packing up her life and moving in with her grandparents, Bonnie struggles to balance her hectic life as the new misfit of Crossland High School, and boy oh boy was...
' DIARY OF A WIMPY KID ' - vinnie hacker (✔) by VINSMOON
' DIARY OF A WIMPY KID ' - vinnie...by moon☆
IN WHICH vinnie hacker finally meets the beautifully spritited girl who breaks him out of his shell. #14 under vinniehacker 4/24/22 #1 under vincenthacker 6/14/22 #115 u...
The boy at the end of the road (rodrick x male reader) by Mooki231
The boy at the end of the road (ro...by Max ;p
Hey so there are only two rodrick c male readers rn and they don't update so I'm here for y'all baby gays 🥰
Rodrick Heffley x reader (tropical Vacation Version)  by MyNailIsBroken
Rodrick Heffley x reader (tropical...by Miss Heffley (Rodrick's wife)
You are a 15 year old girl, living a normal life. You are in your bed, daydreaming about summer plants and vacations since summer is only a week away. Suddenly,your mom...
Enemies - Rodrick Heffley  by BloominLilys
Enemies - Rodrick Heffley by :)
You and rodrick have hated eachother for as long as you can remember. It all changes when you guys are constantly forced into situations with eachother. Will you guys al...
"So you're the babysitter, huh"      Rodrick  Heffley x black fem reader by mjlovescm
"So you're the babysitter, huh"...by muji
babysitting should be have been easy money but its hard to pay attention to the baby when his older brother is paying way more attention to you. Idk why that sounds wei...
The Punk Side by HeademptyFictiononly
The Punk Sideby IminlovewithFrankCastle
yeah this is a rodrick x reader fanfic what about it? this will all be how i would react to things i write in the story, it will get dramatic and maybe a little depress...
TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU! | R...by ohnancys
where rodrick heffley is paid to fall in love with the evergreen high shrew HIGHEST: #1 in "rodrick" [3/27/19] #1 in #diaryofawimpykid [8/14/19] #1 in "he...
What could possibly go wrong? Rodrick Heffley x reader by Weep1ngCarpetcleaner
What could possibly go wrong? Rodr...by viviana
"Hey, together we can get what we want. So let's do this." he said excitedly. "What? Are you insane Rodrick? This is crazy. No way we're doing that."...
And They Were Roommates (Rodrick x Reader) by goldenskychild
And They Were Roommates (Rodrick x...by colorchangingsoup
oh my god they were roommates a rodrick x reader where college graduate Y/n moves in with rodrick heffley. some language