Chapter 31

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"I've never in my entire life had a pizza this good before" Chris mumbled swallowing his slice, "which one is that?" he asked turning to Maddie, who ordered for each one of you, all of you being way too scared to order for yourselves.

Imagine mispronouncing the name of the Italian pizza, hearing the waiter on the other side of the phone unable to suppress an arrogant, amused huff, correcting you, later on making fun of you with his coworkers. Yes, that would probably be the last time someone's ever heard of me.

"The one you told her to order, idiot" Ben answered bluntly before Maddie had a chance to, Chris' middle finger shooting up almost immediately as he kept eating unbothered. Mads leaned over to take a look at it.

"Quattro Stagioni. Ham, mushrooms, artichokes, black olives, mozzarella and
tomatoes" she recited flawlessly, leaning back as Bens left arm found his way back on her shoulder, everyone watching her in silent awe.

"Did you know that Quattro Stagioni actually means four seasons, which is why the ingredients position is the most important factor. Each one must be placed in its own quarter" you added nonchalantly, suddenly remembering you've read that somewhere before, as everyone's gaze now shifted to you.

"Impressive" Chris stated unsure, leaning back on his elbows, "But there's something else about it. Like the secret ingredient for Krabby Patties, you know?" he added smiling to Rodrick mischievously.

"Must be the taste of success amigo" Rodrick answered proudly, throwing his arm over Chris' shoulder, nodding his head excitedly.

It was Monday, 1am, when you were sitting with your friends at the beach, celebrating Löded Diper's success with takeout and milkshakes.

It was still warm outside, about 68°, a little windy. No, that would be exaggerated. It was more of a gentle breeze, stirring the leaves of the few trees located on the coastline from time to time. Fresh, cool, calming. It was dark, obviously. The only thing lightening up the beach being the street lanterns standing a couple feet away and the moon in its croissant looking shape.

The guys considered the idea of making a fire but quickly dropped it, realizing they wouldn't find any wood and even if they did, they would still find a way to fuck it up somehow. This is nice. All you did was just sit there, eat peacefully and have lighthearted conversations. You simply enjoyed your time, just living like today was the only day that mattered,
living like there was no tomorrow, even though there was.

In fact, tomorrow was today, and today
was a school day. But no one really seemed to care, skipping seeming like an unspoken casualty.

You laid down on one of the blankets Rodrick brought from his van after finishing your Vegan Buddha Bowl, a sudden wave of tiredness washing over you, like each time you finished a huge meal.

You yawned silently, rubbing your eyes from exhaustion, fighting the urge to just take a nap right here right now. But as you closed your eyes you suddenly felt someone you immediately recognized
without needing to open your eyes, sitting down next to you. Of course it was Rodrick - didn't take a genius to know.

"Nice socks y/l/n" he commented quietly not wanting to interrupt the others' conversation, Chris' laughter echoing in the background.

You opened your eyes squinting slightly as you faced Rodrick looking down at you, your eyes darting to your feet as soon as they got used to the faint lighting.

You had a thing for happy socks, loving that every pair was individual. You've got your first pair on Christmas when you were 13 years old. They were lovely- that's probably the first time you considered love at first sight being an actual thing. It became an obsession at some point, but hey, as soon as it didn't hurt anyone except of your wallet that was okay.

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