Chapter 14

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Your lessons passed calmly and you even made some new friends, which you honestly didn’t really expect but after all not everyone is as bitchy as Heather.

Your lessons were over but you couldn’t go home yet for 2 reasons. The first reason was that you promised to get lunch with Maddie and the second reason was that Rodrick still had one lesson left and you promised he could drive you back home.

As you entered the cafeteria you realized how huge it was. “Holy shit” you whispered to yourself There’s no way I’ll find her just like that. You pulled out your phone and dialed Maddie's number but of course she didn’t answer it. Just call me and I’ll be there in 5 minutes she said, great. This is just great.

Shall I call Rodrick? Yes, it’ll be for the best. But as you were just about to dial his number you remembered his words. “Come on Y/N don’t be ridiculous, you need me”. No way I need him. I’m perfectly fine by myself.

You put your phone away and headed forward, trying to find Maddie but of course you didn’t and if this wasn’t enough bad luck someone suddenly bumped into you. Again. But this time spilled his drink on your shirt.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Are Ya'll blind at this school?” you said not caring about the people around you staring.

The guy who spilled his drink on you looked at you with a smile on his face. Fucking bastard. It’s almost like he did it on purpose. His eyes staring at the soaked-up t shirt which now underlined all of your curves.

“Looks even better than I expected” he said turning around to the boys surrounding him. They all wore sweatshirts with the school's logo. Aaaahhh, the football team and it’s captain.

He turned back around to face you with a smirk on his face. “I asked what the hell you were doing?” you said rising your voice.

The cafeteria got silent and all the eyes were on you once again.

“Aw, baby I was just doing you a favor. Look, now everyone knows what’s underneath that shirt. Isn’t that nice of me?” he said and you immediately slapped him across his face as hard as possible. “What the fuck? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Damn baby” he said looking back at your chest “you can’t just embarrass me like this, but I like girls with an attitude.”

You stepped closer taking his face in your hand putting it up “I said look me in my fucking eyes when I speak with you or you will fucking regret that you even approached me.” you whispered in his ear. Then you drastically pushed his face away. And stepped back.

“Now take off your sweatshirt” you said looking him directly in his eyes.

“Baby, we can’t just do it here. Let’s go to the bathroom or something” he said smiling.

“I said take off that fucking sweatshirt now.” you said rising your voice once again, so that everyone could hear you.

“Uh, well. Whatever you want” he said his smile growing as he took off his sweatshirt. 

“Now give it to me” you said stretching out your hand towards him. He gave it to you without any hesitation and you took it and put it on.

He looked at you with confusion. “Babe, what are you doing? I thought we were going know.”

“Please don’t be ridiculous. I just had to cover up because of what you did. Also, here? Are you serious? That turns you on? That's sad” you said turning around and finally seeing Maddie sitting at one of the tables on the left, watching everything you do, Rodrick sitting next to her.

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