Chapter 29

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“Slow down or I’ll fall” you shouted at Rodrick holding the other side of his bed, trying to stay as calm as possible, secretly regretting that you came over in the first place.

It was a Saturday afternoon, a day you should be relaxing in, enjoying your free time off school, maybe even enjoying the last rays of sunshine this year. But instead, you’ve got the brilliant idea to
spend the day with Rodrick, coming over, ending up carrying his bed down the basement, since he decided to get his life together today. Right at the moment you walked through the door of the
Heffley’s house. He told you he meant to move for a long time already, which you’ve expected. All his furniture, including his wardrobe, was down there for a long time now, but apparently he never really found the motivation to do so. I mean who would? It's a basement after all.

“You know what this reminds me of?” he started after a second, smiling at himself like he was about to say something extremely funny. “Remember that scene in Friends? Season 5 I think it was. The
one where Rachel, Chandler, and Ross were carrying the couch up to his apartment? The one where he screamed ‘Pivot’ all the time? I love that scene” he added, unable to suppress a quiet huckle
making you laugh, nearly dropping the bed.

“I didn’t know you liked ‘Friends’” you’ve said quietly, looking down, trying to stay focused on carrying that damn bed down these steep stairs as Rodrick raised his brows. “It’s the best show I’ve
ever watched. It’s perfect, from the first episode until the last one. When I’m telling you that this is a cinematic masterpiece, I mean it” he answered enthusiastically, sounding as passionate as when he’s talking about that talent show he’s attending with his band next weekend – Plainview’s most talented.

They were practicing for months now, convinced that this is their huge chance. Maddie and you helped them as best as you could, your job mainly being helping Chris with the bass.

“Who’s your favorite character?” he asked, finally stepping down the last stairs, giving you a seriously expectant look.

“You can’t just ask me that” you answered quickly, turning left dragging the bed to the corner of the room. “All characters are unique and special in their own ways, you can’t just choose one of them. Phoebe and Joe” you added, eventually putting the bed on the floor,
flopping down on it right next to Rodrick. You quickly snatched the pillow away from him resting your head on it before he had a chance to. You let out a relieved sigh. This is it, enough physical activity for at least the next two months.

“Kind of expected that,” he said calmly, rolling over to you, pushing you playfully so you made some room, now resting his head on the pillow as well. “I liked that she ended up with Mike, you know?” he added quietly. “He was pretty vanilla but they were great together. But the real question that remains is, were Ross and Rachel really on a break?” he asked.

You let out an amused huff. “They were, of course, they were” you answered tiredly. “Still, I don’t blame Rachel for
reacting the way she did. I mean come on, they were on a break for what? 2 hours? And he just went out and fucked
another woman. I’d feel betrayed and hurt as well. Also I cannot remember a break being a break up” you added quickly as Rodrick nodded his head in

“Anyways, what else needs to be taken from your room?” you asked wanting to get this over with as quick as possible.

“Everything that is left” he answered tiredly rubbing his eyes. “The pile of clothes, the nightstand, the posters and that’s it I think” he added standing back up, dragging you with him.

But walking upstairs a genius idea hit you out of the blue. “Wanna make this day spa day when we’re done with
your room?” you asked making Rodrick turn around to face you, a mix of amusement and confusion covering his face.

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