Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Aragorn P.O.V

“Legolas, what is that I can see in the distance?” I asked cautiously climbing up the rock edge to see from a higher point. Although I was high up I could not see what it exactly was. I wasn't imagining it, that I could tell. My senses were ringing crazy, something about looking ahead to whatever it was in front of us was unnerving.

“I can not tell. There is something there but I cannot see it. We should take caution. Night will be drawing soon and what ever it is will sure to be bunking down somewhere.” He simply answered taking a place next to me and gazing into the horizon.

The day had been a long one, since leaving Rivendale the day before we had only stopped for a couple of hours to sleep in the night and the little Hobbits were becoming restless and Gimli was huffing every time we had to climb over rocks or trudge through muddy forests. We both jumped down from the edge and landed next to Gandalf, he too was looking ahead but in concentration. There was no denying that Gandalf's mind worked like magic. He looked up at me and smiled, but it wasn't a confident smile, something was wrong.

“What is it Gandalf?” I whispered to him. He looked away again and into the distance trying to avoid contact and once again in thought. Then he shook his head.

“I do not know Aragorn, time will tell when truth is clear.” He said and then took a blow from his pipe. I sighed and gripped my sword nervously. I did not think we would be fighting in such early stages of the quest but I would do anything to protect Frodo and the other Fellowship members.

“What are you two whispering about?” Gimli asks, catching up to us and slowly catching his breathe. We shook our heads and carried on walking.

We walked on throughout the hours, the light of the sun slowly fading and the temperature dropping the more we walked. The Hobbits, mostly Merry and Pippin, insisted that we stop for some food and a drink but I didn't want to stop. I wanted to move on but Gandalf complied and Sam started on the sausage and tomatoes. I kept watch with Legolas on the edge of the forest. We were getting closer to the mountings where caves and tunnels were. That was were I was planing to get to by the darkness, where we could rest for the night, safe and warm.

Sam brought over two plates, one for me and one for Legolas. We both thanked him and he was off again to leave me and Legolas to eat. But Legolas was watching me, I turned to see question in his eyes.

“What is bothering you friend?” He asked. I looked away unsure and into the distance. I did not know what was bothering me. Whether it was the ring's power causing me nausea or whether it was not knowing what was ahead.

“ I am not sure Legolas,” I answered back. He looked away and into the distance trying to sense what he could see. “There is something out there that makes me on edge. We will have to take care when nearing the caves.” I instructed and he nodded.

Once we were all packed up again Gandalf led the way forward towards the rocks. I kept my head down, trying to pick up a scent I knew of either orc or human but I couldn't determined anything from it. The leaves from the trees had been trodden on but not of any boot I had recognised from my travels. The dirt was freshly disturbed and after about another hour of walking the darkness had taken over and the rocks were just outlined by distant lights. The wind too had chilled to a very cold temperature and we all wrapped our robes tightly around ourselves. I pulled my hood up to protect my ears from the bitter wind.

We passed a small lake where Legolas filled up his water holder and the young Hobbits drank water through their cupped hands. We were only about ten minutes from the caves and they were in close range from us. I walked on a bit, smelling the air for any signs of danger, but there was nothing but a sweet smell, like lavender. I followed the scent further towards the darker cave. I heard the others slowly following closely behind me until I reached the dark shadowy cave. I could hear no noise but a gentle mellow of wind throughout it.

They caught up and were standing behind me for backup. You had to be careful when entering caves. There could be cave trolls or orcs or even goblins hiding silently in the caves. I entered cautiously, a burning touch in front of me and my hand on my sword as a precaution.

As I got further in I could hear a distorted breathing coming from the far corner of the large spaced cave and led the way towards it. It could be an injured orc. But it did not smell like orc. There was still that lavender smell in the air.

I edged closer and closer towards a bundle of shadow that something or someone was staying in or even hiding under. I moved my hand slowly away from my sword and reached out towards the blanket but what happened next caught me totally by surprise and shocked me completely.

{AN: Sorry I rushed this bit, wasn't sure how to kick the story off, it will get better i swear!!}

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