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A/N: this is a one shot to thank you all for 6K chapter based on one of my favourite songs, 'Partners in crime' by: Set It Off, Ash Costello. I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors, I'm writing on the actual Wattpad app because my Google docs is playing up, I'm assuming it has a bug of some sort. Well I'll get to the story them!

Venti's POV


I sat beside my lover Xiao, head of the Atalus gang. I turned my head to face him, "Do you want our crimes to make history? Why not rob the vault guarding the Geo gnosis?" I smile at Xiao causing him to blush, he thinks about it and nods his head. Xiao gets ready to rob, I put on my biker jacket and prettiest earrings, "Hurry up Ven, we're leaving soon." Xiao calls out, I hurry and put on my last silver ring, the one that Xiao got for me when we first met. I sit on Xiao's motorbike, leaning on his back while I hold on around his waist so I don't fall off.

We'll make sure they call our crimes a work of art.


Once we reach the place where the gnosis is being held, we walk in to find ourselves face-to-face with no one other than my good old friend, Zhongli. I tell Xiao to leave the talking to me while he gets the gun.

"Long time no see Zhongli~" I smile, resting my elbows on the front desk and placing my head on my hands. "V-venti, it's really you. Don't think I don't know about you and Xiao's crimes. IT'S ALL OVER THE NEWS, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!" Zhongli yelled at me. I feel a tears build up in my eyes but that all stops when I hear a gunshot.

"It still works~"

I smile as I run up to Xiao and hug him, Zhongli steps back and reaches for the alarm but Xiao shoots the gun and the bullet just misses Zhongli on purpose, "Don't make me waste my bullets you old hag..." Zhongli raised his arms, to show us that he's surrendered. I grab the bag and run up to Zhongli, "Can you please put the money and Geo gnosis in here old man!" Zhongli pretends not to hear me, "Don't piss me off Zhongli-" I glared at him and was cut off by him pulling the alarm.

I look at Xiao as he shoots a third bullet and it hits Zhongli right in the head. He coughs up blood as I walk over to Zhongli's dying corpse, "I see you've disobeyed my rules, what a shame. Oh well, you'll be dead soon." I smiled stepping over his corpse to get the Gnosis and some money. Xiao walks over to me stopping the alarm, but it was to late the police were already here. I look at Xiao as he takes the bag and runs out dragging me behind.

"This is the police department, come out with your hands up!" The sergeant called out. Xiao shakes his head and puts on a mischievous grin as he takes out the gun. "Put your weapon down-" Xiao loads it up, "PUT YOUR WEAPON'S DOWN!" Xiao shoots and kills one of the police. "Here Venti, take the gun." He smiled at me. I nodded as I loaded it up and aimed at the sergeant, "READY MEN, AIM..." He got ready with his team who had guns. "Fire..." Xiao said as he blew up the bank, unfortunately we got hit in the blast and fell to the ground.

"Xiao? Did we do it?" I asked holding his hand as we entered our last moments of life. He nodded and looked at the broken Gnosis, "Yeah..." I start to close my eyes as I hear my beloved's voice one last time, "In another life, let's do this again?"

"Yes, Xiao I'll find you again..."

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