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Xiao's POV

The movie had just finished and I felt something shake vigorously in my arms, "Ven you ok?" I asked him, "Yeah duh, it's just that- that clown was scary..." He said confidently which faded to a more vulnerable tone. A small smile crept upon my face, "Are you scared~". Venti gave me a shocked look, "Pfft- no why would I be scared of some ugly clown." He lied.

I went to grab a piece of popcorn but there was only one left, I thought I should be nice and give it to Venti but my brain said otherwise, I managed to eat it without Venti knowing.

Venti went to place his hand on the popcorn bowl, he couldn't grab anything he finally sat up from my chest and looked in the bowl, "Xiao! You left no popcorn!" Venti whined, and I stuck my tongue out in response.

It was coming towards night and I could hear the yawns from my boyfriend, I picked him up bridal style and lifted him to my bed. "Xiaooooooo, I'm not that tired!" Venti lied once again, "You're such a bad liar Ven, you also need sleep to survive and if you don't sleep I'll make you." I sternly told him. When I said 'I'll make you'
Venti's face turned a bright red, I felt powerful and strong. Once we reached my room I placed him down on my bed and I got ready for bed myself.

We were just talking about school for about a hour before Venti changed the subject faster than Zhongli asks Childe for mora. "Xiao, I think I need a nickname for you! Cause you give me all sorts of names like, Ven, V, babe and that. I always feel bad when I just call you Xiao. Soooo I was thinking that your nickname should be Xi! I just took of the 'ao'! Do you like it?" He blabbed. I nodded at the beautiful name he gave me.

"I love it!"

Venti beamed in response, god- he looked so cute right now I could squeeze him. I yawned due to being so tired, "Xi! It's time to sleep! You yawned!" Venti mimicked me. I gave him a 'oh you didn't' look which made him surrender.

We were both really tired so I went to turn off my light and shut the door, but before I turned off the light I felt a tap on my back, I turned around to face Venti. "Xi... can you please leave the light on..." Venti trailed off. I assume this is from watching the movie. I sighed as I dimmed the light instead of turning it off. I ruffled Venti's hair and dragged him on my bed. He turned over to fave the wall which I didn't like. However after a few seconds he swiftly turned to me, "Cuddle." Venti asked.

I really had no choice, I accepted his offer and he launched himself in my arms and burried his head in my chest. After a few minutes I felt small breaths on my chest which caused me to heat up.

Well that was a good day.


Well thats a short chapter, but on the bright side something happened right?? I'm so shocked though. I published this book about a month or 2 ago, and I already have over 40 votes, over 530 reads, and is 1st place in rankings-tag: wind-. Thank you guys so so so much.

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