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Ganyu's POV

I just arrived home from school and walked straight to my room without saying hello to my fathers and sister.

I took out my phone and started to text Keqing,

Cocogoat: Keqing? Are you there?

The Real Electro Mummy: Yea, I'm always here.

Cocogoat: good, I just arrived home due to all the traffic and idiots on the road.

The Real Electro Mummy: Aww babe, you can relax!

The Real Electro Mummy: I mean- you have to talk to me though!!!

Cocogoat: That's what I was gonna do- anyways do you wanna call or smth?

The Real Electro Mummy: sure, I'm bored anyways.

Cocogoat: Let me check if Xiao is asleep… he'd kill me if I kept blabbing.

I put down my phone and walked towards Xiao's room where I heard another voice. He must have a friend over maybe a girlfriend? That voice sounded very feminine. Could be a guy? Wait Xiao falling in love. I laughed to myself as these thoughts flooded my head. "Xiao! You can't reject Sayori!" The feminine voice said. I peered inside to see Xiao playing a Video game with another guy.

"Hey lovebirds!" I called out, causing Xiao and the other guy to look at me. "Lovebirds? W-we aren't together…" Xiao stated, turning red.So they are together. " Anyways, who's this?" I asked, walking into Xiao's room. His boyfriend walked up to me and shook my hand, "I'm Venti! You probably know me as Xiao's fiancé. It's a pleasure to meet you Ganyu!" Venti smiled.

Hang on, FIANCÉ?! Xiao's gonna get married, lucky guy. "So Xiao, need some money for the wedding?" I looked at Xiao and saw him facepalm noticing a ring on his finger. Venti giggled and Xiao pushed me out of the room.

I felt a buzzing from my phone, I took it out of my pocket and Keqing was calling me, I answered my phone. "Ganyu, it's been 10 minutes…" she told me with a hint of boredom in voice. I apologized to her and began to tell her all about Venti and Xiao.

"Hey Ganyu! Let's see what Xiao and his boyfriend are doing right now." Keqing suggested. I agreed with her suggestion and I slowly crept up to Xiao's door and opened it peering inside.

"Aww they're asleep…" Keqing cooed loudly, but luckily I had headphones on. I saw Xiao cuddling up to Venti, leaning against the bed frame. I saw Venti stir a bit and then Xiao's head slowly fell on Venti's shoulder. "Make sure to invite me to their wedding!" Keqing demanded. I laughed and then said my goodbyes and hung up.

I peered into Xiao's room again to see Xiao and Venti fast asleep with small smiles on their faces.

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I really want to write more XiaoVen so I'll write an after story about them adopting a kid! I have an idea on what the kid's name and gender is. Bye for now Also make sure to read my Diluc X reader book :D

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